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(The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian (7)

Gao Ran nodded at them.

“Would you give your dad and me some time to talk in private?”

“Uncle Gao, what’s so secretive about your talk that you can’t have it in front of us?” Little Bean asked with a laugh.

“We’ll talk about your wedding with Boyuan,” Gao Ran said with a straight face.

“Uncle Gao, you’re bad… I won’t talk to you… You’re bad…” Hearing his words, Little Bean covered her face and ran out.

Shaking her head in resignation, Pudding walked out after her sister.

“What’s up, Chief Gao? You bullied my daughter the moment you walked in,” Qin Chu joked.

“If I didn’t do something outrageous, I wouldn’t have been able to make her leave.”

As he spoke, Gao Ran pulled a chair over to the bed and sat down close to Qin Chu.

Then, he picked up the knife to peel an apple, looking relaxed.

“You haven’t asked how I’m doing,” Qin Chu said.

“I know you’re fine just by looking at you.”

“Well. You know me the best.” Qin Chu smiled.

He had known Gao Ran even before he met Huo Mian. They had grown up together and understood each other very well.

“You really scared me when you were in a coma for so long.”

“It was a small thing compared with what I went through in the four years when I was in the U.S.” Qin Chu smiled bitterly.

“Chu, I finally understand your feelings for Huo Mian…”

Remembering Qin Chu had missed Huo Mian so much that he got paranoid personality disorder and even concealed it from Huo Mian, Gao Ran still felt unsettled.

“She’s my wife and I’d do anything for her.”

“I understand. You love her so much that you will do anything for her. But you must take care of yourself first. How could you take the drug that damaged your liver?” Gao Ran scolded Qin Chu.

Before Qin Chu could reply, he continued, “In fact, in the four years when you were in the U.S, Huo Mian wasn’t happy. Although Su Yu took care of her, she only loved you; it was hard for her to manage the company for you and take care of the two kids at the same time.”

“I know; I know everything she did.” Qin Chu’s voice got smaller and smaller.

“If she lost you, how could she survive? You two love each other so much, but why did you torture each other like that?”

Gao Ran couldn’t understand how one could live in suffering for the benefit of one’s beloved person.

Qin Chu lowered his head thoughtfully and didn’t speak.

“Su Yu and I have been investigating Huo Mian’s whereabouts.”

“You can’t find it,” Qin Chu said.

“Fu*k! You don’t trust our abilities?” Gao Ran joked.

“It has nothing to do with your abilities. Huo Siqian had planned for this for years; how can we find them so easily? After all, he’s quite smart.”

“I agree. Huo Siqian is a psycho, but his thoughts are very deep. Since he had spent years on this plan, it’s indeed not easy for us to find them. But no matter how difficult it is, you’ll keep searching and won’t give up, right?”

“Yeah. No matter how long it will take, no matter what price I have to pay, I’ll find her even if I have to die for it.” Qin Chu was determined.

“I just don’t understand why some people outside our circle called you a useless coward who can’t protect your own wife… They don’t understand that it has nothing to do with abilities. It’s unfortunate that a psycho has targeted you guys; even if you were a god, when someone keeps watching you and scheming against you, you still can’t win…”

Gao Ran was indignant for Qin Chu.

“Forget it. I don’t care what other people say about me,” Qin Chu said indifferently.

“Do you have plans as to how to search for Huo Mian?” Gao Ran wanted to help Qin Chu.

“First, I want to see Lu Yan,” said Qin Chu.

“Who’s Lu Yan?” Gao Ran was puzzled.



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