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(At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead (9)

“I’m fine. I just remembered some past events,” the professor snapped back to reality and said to his granddaughters gently.

“Grandpa, have you booked your flight? Do you have people to see you off? I can ask Handsome Su to make the arrangement. Uncle An will drive you to the airport,” said Pudding.

“It’s not necessary. I’ve arranged everything. Don’t worry.”

“Okay.” Pudding nodded.

“Your dad will wake up soon. You must be good and wait for Mom to come back.”

“Okay.” Little Bean nodded obediently.

At this moment, a small reminder came from the professor’s watch, “Professor, it’s time to go to the airport.”

“Okay. Got it.”

Then he stood up.

“Grandpa, will you miss us?” Little Bean was still reluctant to see him go.

She was just a kid and had formed a bond with him after living with him for a few days.

“Of course.”

“Remember to call me on the phone or through video chat. Do you know my phone number?” Little Bean babbled.

“I do. I remember your number and Pudding’s, too. I’ll call you when I have time.”Visit website our Listnovel.com

But the professor knew once he was back, it would be difficult to make calls; each time he talked to Lu Yan on the phone, the call couldn’t last more than 50 seconds.

After all, his whereabouts were an important secret; he didn’t know how many people were looking for him.

The FBI would monitor him closely and wouldn’t allow him to call frequently and babble about trivial family things.

But he didn’t have to let the children know about these things; they were already disappointed to see him go.

If they knew he couldn’t call them, they would be grieved.

“Then… I’ll go now.” He turned around and walked out slowly.

“Grandpa, goodbye… I’ll miss you,” Little Bean said in a trembling voice; obviously, she was on the verge of crying.

“Grandpa, have a safe journey,” suppressing her sadness, Pudding said with forced calm.

“Okay.” The professor nodded and walked out with a heavy heart.

When he opened the door, a tear fell from his eyes onto his hand covered in calluses.

Opening the door, he walked out without looking back.

He left crisply and didn’t want anyone to see him off.

Standing at the entrance of the hospital, Su Yu and Rick watched the black car drive off slowly with the professor in it.

“Damn it. This old guy is so mysterious. I’ll know his identity sooner or later,” Su Yu said.

Rick didn’t speak but there was a complicated look in his eyes.

Lu Yan and the professor had a very special and complicated background and were beyond his or Su Yu’s reach.

Even Qin Chu couldn’t easily step into their circle.

Rick knew that they hadn’t come and find Huo Mian for good reasons.

After all, it wasn’t a good thing to be related to someone who had a feud with the leader of the No.1 international terrorist organization.

After the professor was gone, the members of the Qin Family went into the ward to see Qin Chu.

Mrs. Qin held her granddaughters’ hands as Qin Ning, her father, and Tang Chuan stood on one side.

“Uncle, now that you’re back, you can stay at home with the kids. I think my brother will wake up soon,” Qin Ning said.

“Okay.” Qin Chu’s father nodded.

“I’ll stay in the hospital and take care of my brother. You are not in good health and must go back and rest. Dad, please go home, too. You must be fatigued after the long-distance flight.” Qin Ning turned her head and glanced at her father.

“Ning-Ning, come out; I need to talk to you.”

Qin Chu’s second uncle beckoned at Qin Ning and walked out with her.

Watching them go out in such a mysterious way, Tang Chuan’s face changed slightly, feeling more at unease.



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