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(You Don“t Understand My Pain (10)

“We’ll see.”

Qin Ning’s response was vague. She didn’t say she was going to leave or stay.

“Ah, if Qin Ning’s going back, someone’s going to be sad…” Su Yu teased.

“Psh. Bullsh*t. Who said I was going to be sad.” Tang Chuan wouldn’t admit it.

“You can pretend all you want…” Pudding looked at Tang Chuan with slight disdain.

“It’s true. I’m not pretending. I’m not going to be sad. If she’s going back, I’ll go with her…” Tang Chuan chuckled.

Su Yu: “…”

Pudding: “…”

“Look at how useless you are…” Qin Ning blushed.

“What’s the point of being useful if I don’t get to be with my wife.”

Nie Lingxuan didn’t join the conversation because she wasn’t close with Qin Ning and Tang Chuan, so she quietly ate her lunch.

After lunch, Pudding asked, “Handsome Su, you can drive Auntie Nie back to the office first.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll go visit Daddy with Uncle Tang and Auntie.”

“Okay. I’ll go join you guys at the hospital later,” Su Yu said.

After the group separated, Nie Lingxuan went onto Su Yu’s Lamborghini.

“You didn’t seem to enjoy your meal…” Su Yu said.

“No, it’s not that. I just don’t eat that much.”

“Tang Chuan’s like that. He’s very direct but he’s been my best friend for years… He just talks nonsense most of the time.”

“I can tell you guys are really close.”

Su Yu smiled and continued driving.

“President Su, you treat Pudding so well,” Nie Lingxuan said with slight jealousy.

“I’m that good to Little Bean too.”

“Haha, you’re so humorous.” Su Yu made Nie Lingxuan laugh.

“Yeah. I watched the twins grow up so I treat them like my own daughters.”

“From the looks of it, you really like Doctor Huo…” Nie Lingxuan said in a low voice.

“Yeah, I really like her,” Su Yu said directly. He never hid his feelings towards Huo Mian. He would always admit it.

“Doctor Huo really is a great person. I think she deserves your love for her…” Nie Lingxuan said.

“Is your sister arriving in the afternoon?” Su Yu changed the topic.

“Yeah. I think so.”

“Okay, we’re here. You can go back to the office first. I’m going to head to the hospital.”

Su Yu slowly parked his car in from of his office.

“Thank you, President Su.”

“You’re welcome. See ya.”

Nie Lingxuan stepped out of the car and Su Yu drove away.

This was seen by a female actress colleague of theirs.

“Miss Nie, did President Su drive you back?”


“Did you guys go out on a date?” the female actress asked.

“No, it was just an ordinary lunch.”

“Wow, President Su rarely has lunch with any of us… What’s happening? Only Jian Tong got that treatment. Is there something between you and our boss?”

“No, President Su and I are just colleagues. He’s my boss and I’m his subordinate.”

“Haha, you’re blushing…”

“I’m not lying. Don’t spread rumors. I don’t want to bring trouble to President Su.”

“Okay, I know. But let’s be real, President Su hasn’t had a girlfriend for a long time. You have a chance if you try… You’re famous, pretty, and also low-key. Maybe there’s a chance between you and President Su…”

“It’s alright. I’m not going to daydream. President Su won’t fall for me.”

Nie Lingxuan knew herself well and Xixi had warned her many times before.

Su Yu’s love towards Huo Mian was too stubborn and deep…

– In the hospital’s hallway –

“How is it? Did you make the antidote yet, old man?” Su Yu still didn’t like to call the professor politely but preferred calling him “old man”.

However, the Professor didn’t get mad; he seemed to like Su Yu.



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