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(The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian (5)

“What’s this?” Huo Mian glanced at the bag warily.

“Look inside.”

Suspiciously, Huo Mian took out the things from the bag.

Instantly, her heart melted when she saw they were pictures of Pudding and Little Bean.

Some of the pictures were taken on the street; some showed that they were eating in a restaurant, showing Little Bean with something oily at one corner of her mouth. She looked super cute.

Huo Mian gazed at the pictures with gentle love on her face, and her eyes looked warm.

Engulfed by motherly love for her children, Huo Mian looked very charming.

She looked down at the photos with a strand of long hair falling down, covering her elegant cheek.

Touched by the sight, Huo Siqian reached out to smoothen up the hair but his hand was slapped away by Huo Mian.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry. I just wanted to smooth back your hair.”

“I don’t need you to do that.”

“Okay! Okay! Relax. You are so paranoid, just like a small hedgehog.” Huo Siqian chuckled.

With tears in her eyes, Huo Mian couldn’t put the photos down.

“Where did you get these photos?”

“My men took the photos… Are you happy? These were taken not long ago. Look at the date on the bottom. This one was taken the day before yesterday.”

Huo Mian was silent.

“They took the photos and sent them to my men near here to print them out. If you like, I’ll let them take more photos.”

“You sound as if you were doing me a favor… It’s because you kidnapped me that I can’t see my daughters.” Huo Mian looked up and got angry again.

“Calm down, Mian. After your baby is born, you’ll be a mother again…”

“Shut up! This baby has nothing to do with you. Don’t make schemes with him involved.”

“No, I won’t. I’ll be nice to him. Don’t worry.” Huo Siqian smiled.

“Seeing these photos, you must feel better now. I hope you can eat more tonight.”

Then he walked to the dinner table to have his own meal.

Not in the mood to eat, Huo Mian just looked at Pudding and Little Bean’s photos and couldn’t put them down.

“They seem taller now…” Huo Mian murmured to herself.

– In the Army Hospital –

At six o’clock on the next morning, all the members of the Qin Family came to the hospital after hearing that Qin Chu had woken up. Su Yu also came to the hospital early in the morning.

Eager to see their father, the twins ran into the ward.

Qin Chu had gotten up early and was reading the documents about the real estate in Huo Siqian’s company.

He tried to find clues of their whereabouts in the documents.

“My goodness. Dad! You finally woke up,” Little Bean yelled, completely thrilled.

“Little Bean, did you miss me?” Qin Chu put down the documents and looked at his daughter lovingly.

“I missed you badly… Daddy… Wu…” Little Bean ran over and threw herself into his arms.

“Little Bean, you must be gentle. Dad just had surgery and hasn’t recovered yet,” Pudding reminded her from behind.

“I’m not afraid to hurt him. Our dad is a superman and won’t feel hurt.” Elated, Little Bean wouldn’t release her arms from around Qin Chu’s neck.

Qin Chu kissed the little girl’s forehead.

Then, he looked at Pudding standing behind Little Bean.

“Pudding, come and give Dad a hug…” Qin Chu smiled at her gently.

Pudding shook her head.

“No. Dad, you haven’t recovered yet. I can’t hug you.” Pudding was concerned about her dad’s health.

“You don’t love Dad anymore?” Qin Chu’s voice could melt anyone.

Goodness! Qin Chu was begging his own daughter…

He had never done it before; even Pudding was stunned.

“Sis, don’t be silly… Dad is begging you. Come on!” Little Bean waved at her sister and yelled.



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