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(There“s Only You and Me Here (3)

“Little Bean is back?” The professor was happy to see the little girl who looked exactly like Pudding.

“How do you know my name?” Little Bean was cautious.

“Of course, I know it. I also know your age, your birthday, and your favorite food.”

“What’s up? Are you a spy?” Little Bean looked at the old guy warily.

When Su Yu had his men send her back home, she was elated.

Thinking her dad had woken up, she packed up and ran to the car. However, when she came home, she saw a strange old man.

“Little Bean, watch your language. Do you know who he is?” Pudding stood up.

“Who is he?”

“I’ll tell you, but you can’t tell anyone, not even to Handsome Su. I won’t tell you until you promise me.”

“So mysterious?” Little Bean was surprised.

“Can you do it?” Pudding looked at her sister solemnly.

“Okay, okay! Qin Zhaozhao, you are so pretty; I agree to everything you say.” Little Bean began to tease her again.

“Little Bean, this is our grandpa, Mom’s father.”

“What? Grandpa?” Little Bean was astonished.

“Yes.” Pudding nodded.

“Fu*k… Are we seeing a ghost? I think Grandpa died many years ago…” Little Bean remembered their grandma told them many times that their grandpa had died many years ago.

She didn’t know how he died, but it seemed their mom had something to do with it because whenever someone mentioned it, their mom looked sad.

“Don’t be absurd. He’s not that grandpa…” Pudding was exasperated when Little Bean mentioned Jing De.

“Then how many grandpas do we have? I thought we only had one.” Little Bean was confused.

“I’ll explain it to you later. Little Bean, do you remember Auntie?” Pudding walked over and said to Little Bean.

At the mention of their auntie, Little Bean got excited.

“Of course. Auntie is awesome and very, very rich…” Little Bean gestured in exaggeration.

After all, their auntie gave them several gifts of exorbitant prices.

“You get excited whenever you hear money. Listen, Auntie said we can’t tell anyone about Grandpa’s return. He came back to perform surgery for Dad and to take care of us. If we leak the news, Grandpa and we will be in danger. We can’t even tell Handsome Su, understand?”

“Got it.” Little Bean understood her sister’s words immediately.

Although her sister didn’t speak it out loud, it was obvious that Grandpa and Auntie were in the same camp. Otherwise, her sister wouldn’t have mentioned their auntie repeatedly.

“You two indeed look like your dad. Your mom isn’t as pretty as you are.” The professor studied his two granddaughters dotingly.

“Of course. My dad’s genes are powerful…” This time, Little Bean was the proud one.

“Little Bean, I heard you like cakes?” the professor asked.

“You know a lot, old man.”

Seeing her sister was about to scold her, she immediately corrected herself, “I meant you know a lot, Grandpa.”

“Hahaha! You’re a vivacious and cheeky girl, just like your auntie when she was little. You’re naughty.” Instead of getting angry, the professor laughed happily.

“I’ll make some sweets for you tonight, okay? How about Tiramisu?” the professor asked.


Excited, Little Bean tossed her small bag on the floor and nodded eagerly.

“I don’t like it. I’ll get fat if I eat lots of sweet stuff.” Pudding pouted.

“Then I’ll make a fruit salad and beef steak for you. Beef won’t make you fat.”

“Okay.” Pudding nodded.

In fact, the twins were notoriously hard to please, but the professor enjoyed the challenge.

At this moment, his watch beeped.

He pressed on the home button.

Lu Yan’s image appeared in the midair; dressed in a military camouflage uniform, she looked quite badass.

“Dad, are you there now?” Lu Yan asked.



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