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(The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian (20)

“Handsome Su, what do you mean? Do you think I’m so shallow?” Little Bean felt wronged.

“I do,” Pudding and Su Yu said at the same time.

“Damn it. You guys… Dad, look, Qin Zhaozhao and Handsome Su ganged up on me.” Little Bean turned her head and tried to get sympathy from her dad.

“Whoa. You’re good, kiddo. You even tell on me? Now with your dad back, you just dumped me?” Su Yu teased her.

“Pooh… Nonsense… Handsome Su, you’ve been with me for so long; you know me I’m not like that.”

“Handsome Su said that because he knows you well.” Pudding laughed.

“Get out. Stinky Pudding, don’t mess with me… I’m bonding with Handsome Su.”

“Good. How do you want to bond with me?” Su Yu held Little Bean in his arms and looked at her dotingly.

“Handsome Su, these snacks are my favorites… It means you love me more, right?” Little Bean said with a smirk.

“You’re imagining things.”

“It’s the truth. My sister doesn’t like sweet snacks because she’s afraid to get fat. But I see the snacks are all sweet.”

“Okay. You’re smart. Those are all for you.”

“I can keep some and you can take the rest with you. I can’t take them all…”

Su Yu was surprised to hear these words from Little Bean.

“Whoa. Our Miss Little Bean surprises me. You used to love the snacks as much as your life. But today you told me to bring some of them back? What’s happening?”

“Because my mom… doesn’t want me to eat too many sweets; she said they are not good for my teeth and health,” Little Bean said the words with a serious expression.

Hearing it, Su Yu had a lump in his throat.

“Little Bean, Gao Boyuan is here. Go and greet him.” Pudding immediately changed the subject.

“Really? I’ll go and see…” Hearing her sister’s words, Little Bean immediately jumped down from Su Yu’s arms and ran to Gao Ran’s car not far from them.

Then, Pudding walked to stand before Su Yu.

“Handsome Su, Little Bean didn’t mean to make you sad. Please don’t be sad.”

“Can you read minds now? You know what I’m thinking?” Su Yu smiled.

“I know you’re as sad as we are because of my mom.” Pudding put her hand on Su Yu’s shoulder.

Her small hand gave him great comfort.

“I’m fine. Pudding, really, I’m fine… I’ve always been confident that your mom is fine… But your dad…”

“After the surgery, my dad is not as gloomy as before. He has plans to find Mom. My sister and I never talk about it but we understand each other very well.”

“The combined IQ of your family is frightening,” Su Yu joked.

“Pudding…” From the distance, Wei Yunchu got out of the car and called out to her.

“Fu*k! That kiddo is here, too. Go to your playmates. I’ll talk to your dad.”

“Okay.” Pudding nodded and walked toward Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei’s car.

Su Yu walked slowly toward Qin Chu.

“Are you feeling okay now?”

“Yeah. I’m almost fully recovered.”

“Do you have a plan to search for Huo Mian?”

“The search is on. We’ll talk about it when we find some clues.”

“There’re no clues. How do you do the search?”

“I’ll go and see Ah-Cheng after dinner.”

“I saw him; he knows little.”

“I think he’s keeping something from you. I’ll talk to him alone and see if I can get some clues.”

“Good. Tell me when you have news.”

“Su Yu.”


“The old man who performed surgery on me…”

Su Yu looked at Qin Chu questioningly.

“He’s Mian’s biological father,” Qin Chu said mildly.

Hearing his words, Su Yu was dumbfounded.



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