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(The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian (12)

“Where did you sprain your ankle?” Huo Mian was suspicious.

“In the basement, of course. How could I come down here if I sprained it up on the ground?” Huo Siqian said with a smile.

“Then why did you enter this room? There’s nothing here.”

Huo Mian was attentive to details and noticed there was nothing but Huo Siqian in this room.

Why did he come into such a small room? It would be more logical to stay in the outer room.

“I sprained my ankle and couldn’t get out. So I decided to come here and rest.”

“Is that so?” Huo Mian felt things were not that simple.

“Huo Mian, are you doubting me?”

Huo Mian just watched him from the distance and didn’t walk closer.

Huo Mian found the corner that Huo Siqian was standing in was very dim; not able to see the environment clearly, she wouldn’t act rashly.

“I’m not doubting you. I just feel… something’s not right,” Huo Mian said frankly.

“What’s not right? You’re just being paranoid…” Huo Siqian sat down and smiled, trying to look mild.

“But Huo Siqian never called me Huo Mian,” Huo Mian said calmly.

Huo Siqian froze when he heard her words.

He was surprised that Huo Mian noticed this small detail.

Yes, Huo Mian had noticed how he called her. Although his tone was mild and genial, he had called her Huo Mian; but Huo Siqian had never called her Huo Mian.

In the C City, he had called her Little Sister Mian; after they came to the island, he had called her Mian.

Even when she angered him and lost her temper with him, he had never called her full name as if she was a stranger.

The only reason people called her Huo Mian was that they were not close to her.

Huo Mian began to realize the identity of the man before her.

“Very smart… No wonder that fellow likes you… It seems your legendary high IQ is true…”

As he spoke, Huo Siqian stood up slowly; as he did, there were clattering sounds of chains.

Obviously, he was chained.

“Are you Jack?” Although she knew the answer, Huo Mian still felt nervous because each time Huo Siqian’s other personality appeared, it was a nightmare. If Huo Siqian was a psycho, then Jack was a demon. Ten Huo Siqians combined were not as horrible as one Jack.

“Very good. You still remember me… I’m touched… Huo—Mian.”

Jack’s tone was weird, especially when he extended the sound of her name.

Cold sweat broke out on her back and her fingers trembled slightly.

She had always thought of herself as someone that could stay calm before calamity, but at this moment, she was plunged into panic, fear, and despair.

“Are you locked?” Huo Mian looked at Jack’s hands and feet.

The chains looked not thick but very sturdy; they looked new and smooth.

There were no other people on the island except for her and Huo Siqian; who had locked him?

“The coward Huo Siqian can do nothing but hurt himself. Will you believe me if I told you he locked me up?”

Huo Mian didn’t speak as she wondered if Jack had spoken the truth. After all, she trusted neither Huo Siqian nor Jack.



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