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(You Don“t Understand My Pain (6)


“Hurry up and leave.”

“No, I won’t leave without you…” Qiao Fei was as stubborn as Lu Yan.

“If you don’t go, we’d both die here,” Lu Yan said as she looked at him in amusement and anger.

“Then we’ll die here together.”

“Damn you… I haven’t lived long enough yet so I’m not going to die here…” Lu Yan shouted.

“Yan, we’ve known each other for many years now. You should know that I won’t leave you here…” Qiao Fei’s heart ached as he held onto Lu Yan, as she was in such a destitute state.

“I know. I know you treat me well, I know that well…”

“So don’t force me to leave you alone…”

“No. Leaving me here for now is the most logical and wise choice… You can still move around freely without anyone following you. Once you find my subordinates, you can come back and rescue me from this deserted place…”

“No, it’s not safe for you to be alone here.”

“I’ll be fine. You know that Ian doesn’t want to kill me but rather wants to capture me. This is a hidden location so he probably won’t find me. That means that even if he does find me, he might not be able to capture me. Who do you think I am? I am the great Lu Yan,” Lu Yan said as she put her hand on top of Qiao Fei’s.


“Qiao Fei. I want to live. I know you want me to live more than I want to live. Don’t worry, I’m fine. You’re not really abandoning me. It’s just that we have no other choice…”

“I will take you with me…”

“I’ll be pinpointed as soon as I walk out if I go out like this. Then, we’re both doomed,” Lu Yan analyzed calmly.

“Does your watch send out signals here?” Qiao Fei still didn’t want to leave without her.

“Dummy, if it let out signals and Ian’s people found out, then we’re basically inviting them to come and find us. When you go out, send the signal to my subordinates. Even if Ian’s people find out, they won’t capture you because they don’t know who you are.”

Qiao Fei was silent after listening to Lu Yan’s words. He knew that Lu Yan was right but he couldn’t do as she said.

“Psycho Qiao, only you can save me now…” Lu Yan looked at him with puppy eyes.

Qiao Fei caringly hugged Lu Yan. He gently put his face on top of hers.

“Then you have to wait for me to come back. Be safe.”

“Of course.”

“If you let anything bad happen to yourself, I will never forgive you.”

“Yes, Sir!” Lu Yan said playfully.

After some further hesitation, Qiao Fei reached out to take the watch from Lu Yan.

Qiao Fei left two guns for Lu Yan. “Take them to protect yourself.”


“If there are too many people against you, don’t go head to head… Worst case is being captured by Ian. As long as you live, I’ll contact the Professor and we’ll find a way to save you.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let him capture me so easily.” Lu Yan smiled.

“Take care of yourself. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

“Okay. I will listen to you.”

Qiao Fei stood up and walked out quickly without even looking back. He knew that if he looked back, he wouldn’t be able to leave.

If they both were stuck there, there would be no way of survival.

Ian and a lot of his men chased them closely this time. They had a lot of heavy weapons with them as they wanted to capture Lu Yan no matter what.

In some hotel suite, a subordinate gleefully reported the news to Ian, “Boss, we found out where Lu Yan is.”



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