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(You Don“t Understand My Pain (4)

Feeling fatigued, Su Yu stood up and opened the door reluctantly.

When the door opened, as he had expected, he found Tang Chuan standing there; after all, no one but he would come to Su Yu’s house in the middle of the night.

“Why don’t you stay home and sleep? Did Qin Ning kick you out?” Su Yu gave him a dirty look and asked.

“Nonsense. My Ning is so gentle and would never kick me out. I know you’re feeling low and came to keep you company.”

“Get out. I don’t need your company.”

“As I expected, you’re drinking alone. Look what I brought…”

Tang Chuan walked in with a bag containing some food for drinking, such as chicken feet, peanuts, canned fish and sausages, etc.

“I have no appetite.”

Su Yu sat down on the sofa and leaned back.

“I know you’ve not been yourself ever since my sister-in-law disappeared.”

“Your sister-in-law? You’re so shameless. Did you marry Qin Ning? How can you call Huo Mian sister-in-law?”

For some reason, Su Yu felt weird when Tang Chuan called Huo Mian sister-in-law.

“Haha! You’re even jealous of me. Are you reaching your menopause? No, maybe you’re in the middle of your menstruation? It’s more horrible on men than on women.”

“Get out.”

Tang Chuan liked to bicker with Su Yu, but he had indeed lightened Su Yu’s mood.

At this moment, the doorbell rang again.

As Su Yu was wondering who else had come, Tang Chuan jumped up and opened the door.

Wei Liao walked in with a case of beer.

“Old Wei, why are you here?” Su Yu was puzzled.

“This fellow said we’ll drink with you tonight until we get drunk,” Wei Liao said.

“Damn it. You sound as if I got dumped…” Su Yu smiled in exasperation.

“But you look worse than being dumped. Young Master Su, how long has it been since you went to your company? Ever since Qin Chu and Huo Mian were in trouble, you’ve been in a bad shape,” said Wei Liao earnestly.

“Well… I just didn’t expect things would become like this.”

“Where are the twins? Are they still in your home?” Tang Chuan asked.

“We’ll talk about it later…”

“Ning-Ning’s father will return tomorrow. Qin Chu’s parents have also learned about what had happened. Ever since the accident, Ning-Ning has cried each day, and I myself have felt low as well… So, tonight, let’s just get drunk,” Tang Chuan said.

“Okay.” Su Yu nodded.

“By the way, Old Wei, how is Xiaowei doing?” Tang Chuan turned to look at Wei Liao and asked.

“The same. She feels low, and my son and I try our best to stay out of her way.” Wei Liao sighed.

“It’s nothing unusual. After all, Xiaowei and Mian are close friends… As such a big thing happened… Well, let’s not talk about it and start drinking.”

The three men began drinking beer in Su Yu’s house.

Su Yu hadn’t indulged himself like this for a long time.

They were not satisfied after the case of beer was gone. At Tang Chuan’s urging, Su Yu took out a bottle of 85′ Lafite.

At last, Tang Chuan, who had started the whole drinking spree, cried like a baby and then danced drunkenly before falling asleep on the sofa.

Sitting on the bench beside the swimming pool, Wei Liao and Su Yu were drenched in alcohol fumes.

Leaning back, they each took out a cigarette.

Su Yu lit the cigarette for Wei Liao with a lighter; then they looked up at the starry night in silence.

After a long while, Wei Liao was the first to break the silence.

“Mr. Su, for a long time, I’ve been wanting to ask you… do you feel exhausted to love Huo Mian in this way?” Wei Liao said slowly.



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