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(You Don“t Understand My Pain (5)

“Tired? Why do you need to mention tired?” Su Yu was slightly surprised. He seemed to become a bit soberer.

“I’m your friend and from what I saw, you’ve been through a lot. All these years, whenever something happens to Huo Mian, you’re the first one to help her. No one praises you for your hard work. You’d somehow get blamed for helping. When Huo Mian was imprisoned, you put a pistol to your head to get your grandfather’s help. You didn’t care about what people said about you and continued to help her… When Qin Chu was hurt and away and Huo Mian was targeted by Huo Siqian, you had her come to your house so she could be safe during her pregnancy. When the twins were born, you took care of them… Now that she’s in trouble again, she left such a big mess for you to take care of again…”

“Haha, now that you say it, I did do many good deeds.” Su Yu chuckled brightly.

“Don’t you think it’s tiring?”

“If I thought it was tiring, I would have given up a long time ago. How would I have the willpower to continue until now?” Su Yu smiled.


“So my love for Mian isn’t something that could be determined by its value or how tiring it is. I do it unconsciously. My actions are the reflection of my most inner desires.”

“Yu, you’re really infatuated with her.”

“It’s not infatuation. How many years has it been? Wait until I’m 80 and my eyes are a bit blurry and I have to use a walking stick to walk around. If by then I still love her, then tell me I’m infatuated with her.”

After Su Yu said this, he looked at Wei Liao and they both smiled.

“If I was a girl, I’d marry someone like you in my next reincarnation.”

“Yeah. If I was a girl in my next life, I’d marry someone like me too,” Su Yu said and they both chuckled.

This was the first time Su Yu was open after Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s incident. If he continued to keep everything to himself, he probably would explode.

The professor showed them magic and taught Little Bean how to make medicine. He showed them the fun of chemistry.

Then, the professor led them back to their bedroom only when Little Bean was sleepy.

After putting them to sleep, he sat in the living room and researched how to make an antidote for Qin Chu.

In some cold storage room in the Middle East, Qiao Fei followed Lu Yan’s orders and released blood from her lungs.

Lu Yan bit on a piece of white cloth during the whole process and did not utter a pimp of noise.

Qiao Fei’s knife slowly pierced into her organs.

No one understood the pain Qiao Fei felt – he felt ten times the pain Lu Yan was experiencing.

What about the pain? Did he have any other choice?

Lu Yan sweat heavily. There were several times that she almost fainted…

She held her fists tightly, so tightly that her nails pierced into her skin.

Finally, the congested blood was all out. Qiao Fei carefully closed up the wound.

“Yan, are you alright?”

“Mhm.” It was very hard for Lu Yan to say a word right now but she still managed to nod.

“I’m afraid you’d get an infection from the wound. I’ll go buy some antibiotics for you later.”

“It’s alright. I’ll just drink some liquor.” Then, Lu Yan used all her might to point at her pouch. There was an army bottle. Inside it was high degree liquor that she made herself.


“Just bring it to me…”

Qiao Fei opened the bottle and handed it over. Lu Yan gulped down some and started coughing.

Qiao Fei quickly went over and supported her. Then he gently patted her back.

“Psycho Qiao, we must leave here as quickly as possible or Ian’s men would find us.”

“But I just stitched your wound… You can’t move around too much.”

“Take my watch and leave first. Go and find my subordinates. I’ll wait for you here…”

Lu Yan quickly took off the watch that she never went anywhere without and handed it to Qiao Fei.




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