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(She’s Not As Strong As You All Think (3)

“Qin Ning, don’t think that because my son likes you, you can do whatever you want.”

“Sorry, Auntie, but I’ve never done whatever I wanted. Can you please not put random labels on me?”

“Ma’am, let’s talk about that thing…” the female butler reminded Mrs. Tang from behind.

Mrs. Tang felt an uncomfortable sensation in her chest and she couldn’t breathe smoothly.

She had been in the Tang Family for tens of years but Qin Ning was the strongest opponent she had faced.

“Fine. I don’t have time to deal with every little thing with you. Let me ask you this: how many months pregnant are you?”

“What the…” Qin Ning didn’t know what was happening.

“What did she say?” Mrs. Tang didn’t seem to hear what Qin Ning said clearly.

“She seems very surprised, ma’am,” the female butler explained.

“You don’t need to be surprised. You can’t keep something so huge a secret. I can investigate anything in this city relatively easily… Even though I don’t like you nor do I view you as my son’s fiancĂ©e, you’re pregnant now. You can’t just choose to have an abortion. What a pity would it be if it were a son. It’s my grandchild too… Chuan’s not that young anymore. If it were a son, his father and I would both be very happy. You shouldn’t have an abortion. Let’s wait till you’re four months pregnant and get a scan to see the gender. If it’s a son, then give birth to him… We won’t treat you poorly…”

Qin Ning opened her mouth widely, so wide that she could fit an egg inside, after listening to Mrs. Tang.

“You don’t need to look so surprised. I am a woman of her words. If you do give birth to a son, then I will treat you well.”

“Auntie, you’re very funny.”

Mrs. Tang: “…”

“Have you watched too much Korean drama or something? Do you believe in those cliche stories?”

Mrs. Tang: “…”

“Miss Qin, our master sincerely came to you to chat. She doesn’t like you but if you were pregnant with our young master’s child, she can forgive you.”

“What the hell? Who told you I’m pregnant?” Qin Ning said agitatedly.

“So you and Chuan going to the gynecologist weren’t to have an abortion?”

Mrs. Tang recalled her friend telling her that she saw Qin Ning and Tang Chuan at the hospital.

“What the hell? Who told you that going to the hospital means having an abortion?”

“But you went to the gynecologist…” the female butler said.

“My period came and it hurt, okay?”

Mrs. Tang and the female butler were both shocked by this response.

“Auntie, can you please do your homework before coming to bother me? You’re scaring me… I don’t know what the hell was going on. Also, you should ask your son to see if he’s allowed to touch me yet? Did I get pregnant from mother nature or is your grandchild going to be like the Monkey King and be born from a rock…”

Mrs. Tang: “…”

“If you came for that, then you should head home earlier. It’s rather hot outside… Next time, you should just call me. Oh yeah, if I were pregnant, you’d be the first to know. I probably won’t have an abortion. Also, my family is rich and can nurture the baby well. My father is worried that no one would inherit our family business so even if I were pregnant, regardless of gender, we won’t ‘trouble’ you with anything, ha.”

After being retorted by Qin Ning, Mrs. Tang felt awkward and angry.

“It’s getting late. I’m going to get my afternoon nap. The doctor told me I need sufficient sleep. I won’t walk you out so help yourself.”

Then, Qin Ning walked upstairs.

Mrs. Tang was so angry that she couldn’t breathe normally.

“Ma’am, I recorded what she just said. Should we show it to the young master and reveal her true identity?” the female butler asked quietly.



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