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(There“s Only You and Me Here (5)

“Fu*k! You want to play hero on me?”

Qiao Fei: “…”

“Do you think we’re shooting a movie?” Lu Yan stared at Qiao Fei unblinkingly with wide eyes.

“Yan, this isn’t a movie; it’s a real shootout.”

“Damned shootout. Don’t pull this bullshit on me. I’ve been hunted down since I was five years old… In the past years, I’ve seen more bullets than the rice you’ve eaten… Don’t try to frighten me by talking about real shootouts. If I was afraid of death, I wouldn’t be alive today.” Obviously, Lu Yan was angry.

“I know you’re not afraid of death. But the problem is that I don’t want you to die.”

“So, you want to die yourself?” Lu Yan was still angry.

“I didn’t say I’d die. I told you I’ll cover you while you evacuate; I’ll go find you later.”

“Damn it. I won’t go without you.” Lu Yan was determined.

To tell the truth, Lu Yan was a very tough person. Qiao Fei had been with her for years, but she had never had any lovers’ prattle with him or played cute and dumb like other women.

Basically, her life was filled with battles and killing.

The battles were not acting or rehearsals; she risked her life in each of them.

Qiao Fei loved and cherished Lu Yan who lived in this way.

He had broken away from his family and disobeyed his father just to wander around the world with her.

Whenever they were in a shootout, he would feel unsettled because he was worried about Lu Yan’s safety. When he saw the danger, he would choose to let Lu Yan go first.

He thought this was how a man protected his beloved woman.

“Yan…” Before he could finish his sentence, Lu Yan interrupted him.

“I find you’ve become cowardly. They are just 15 people; what’s to be afraid of? I used to kill thirty guys with my bare hands.”

For Lu Yan, killing was as natural as eating and drinking water; it was a piece of cake.

“It’s different this time. Yan, they have ranged heavy weapons with great firepower. If they decide to fire these weapons from the distance, we’ll all die here. This dilapidated factory will become a pile of debris in less than three minutes.”

“Don’t be afraid. The worst result is death. When I came into this world, the only thing I learned is the Law of the Jungle. If I can’t kill them, then they will kill me. That’s simple. Psycho Qiao, I’m not afraid of death; what I’m afraid of is that you’ll die here after I’m gone.”

Before he could answer, Lu Yan leaned over and kissed Qiao Fei’s cheek with her blood-covered lips.

“We’ll be fine. Trust me.”

Qiao Fei was delightfully surprised when Lu Yan kissed him.

Before he could recover from his pleasure, he saw Lu Yan take out something like chewing gum from the bag that she carried with her all the time.

“What are you going to do?” Qiao Fei had a bad feeling.

“I’ll give them a surprise.” Lu Yan laughed.


“Psycho Qiao, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry. People say that good people have short lives while bad people enjoy longevity. I’m worse than bad after killing so many people; the things I’ve done are enough to send me to Hell one hundred times. Maybe I, a bad person, will enjoy a long life…”

Then she pushed her pistol into Qiao Fei’s hands.

“I’ll go out; you run out after ten seconds,” Lu Yan spoke as she loaded another pistol.

“No. If someone’s going out it will be me.” Qiao Fei grabbed her hand.

“You can’t do it… No offense, but few people can do a flash dodge in the whole world. In my graduation combat exercise in West Point, I was the Student of Excellence with an average of less than 1.2 seconds in battleground dodging… I’m really good, right?”

That said, Lu Yan smiled at him.

Before he could stop her, she let go of his hand and ran out at a great speed.

Qiao Fei ran after her; but he took only a few steps when a huge explosion came, almost deafening him.



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