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(There“s Only You and Me Here (8)

“Yes. Lu Yan must be seriously wounded.”

“Seriously wounded? Who told you to wound her so seriously?”

Ian stood up without warning and slapped the subordinate, and the subordinate felt dizzy and almost fell to the ground from the sudden attack.

It was difficult to predict their boss’s reaction.

“Sir, didn’t you tell us to use ranged heavy weapons?” The man looked confused.

“I wanted to force her to submit to me and beg me for mercy. Who told you to kill her?” Ian was displeased.

Yes, he had a great interest in Lu Yan; if she died like this, then he would be bored for the rest of his life.

Even though she had messed with him, blew up his plane, and forced him to jump out of the plane like an idiot, he still didn’t want her to die.

“Sir, I’m sorry. We misunderstood.”

“If you make such mistakes again, don’t come back. You can just jump into the ocean,” Ian said in anger.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Since she is seriously wounded, she can’t go far; I think she can’t leave this place. You take some men to search for all the hospitals, illegal clinics, and even the homes of the laid-off doctors. Lu Yan will get help from a doctor.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Once you find her, don’t kill her. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir. Oh, how shall we handle the man staying with her?”

“The fellow of the Qiao Family? Hmm, take him to me. I’ll do a favor for that scum Qiao Nan.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ian thought Lu Yan would find a doctor to perform surgery on her after being wounded seriously.

Even if she didn’t go to the hospital, she would find a doctor to dress her wounds.

But Lu Yan didn’t do that…

She knew Ian’s thoughts and would rather die than let Ian’s men find her.

In the secluded cold storage room, Qiao Fei held the knife sterilized by fire; his fingers trembled slightly.

“Don’t be afraid… it’s very simple.” Lu Yan smiled at him weakly.

“You can still smile? This isn’t simple at all…” Qiao Fei felt desperate.

He didn’t dare to take any risks with Lu Yan’s life.

“Be a good boy and calm down. If you make a mistake and I die, it would be a much better fate than ending up in Ian the big psycho’s hands,” Lu Yan said jokingly.

“Stop it. Don’t be a doomsayer. You’ll be fine.”

Qiao Fei hated to hear Lu Yan talk about death so light-heartedly.

“Okay. I got it… Young Master Qiao, please do it, okay? I marked the position of the lung. You just need to cut a small opening and let out the congested blood. That’s very simple.”

“Do you really want me to do that?” Qiao Fei was still hesitant.

“What then? Do you want to bury me instead?”

“Stop it!” Qiao Fei was furious.

“Ok, okay! I’ll stop talking. Bro, please do it now. When it’s dark, you can’t see clearly and will find it more difficult to do it.”

“Yan, we have nothing to numb your pain. Can you stand it?”

Worriedly, Qiao Fei looked at Lu Yan. He was going to cut open the wound which was as deep as the lung; he’d pierce layers of skins and nerves.

Not to mention a girl, even a man couldn’t withstand such excruciating pain.

“You’re underestimating me… It’s just a piece of cake for me.” Lu Yan smiled.

“Hold on. I’ll do it now.” Qiao Fei gritted his teeth and forced himself to do it.

If he delayed, Lu Yan would probably die…



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