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(She’s Not As Strong As You All Think (8)

Rick and Xixi went straight to the Army Hospital to visit Qin Chu as soon as they got off the plane.

When Su Yu got the news, he rushed over.

When Su Yu arrived, Rick had already been in Qin Chu’s patient room for some time.

Rick might have been in a bad mood so he wanted to be with Qin Chu alone, and Xixi and Rick’s bodyguards were outside.

Xixi sat down with two foreign bodyguards behind her.

“President Su.” Xixi stood up when she saw Su Yu.

“Where’s Rick?”

“He’s inside.”

“When did you guys arrived?”

“Half an hour ago. The trip was fast with the plane…” Xixi said.

“Okay. I’m going to go in. Have a seat first.”

“Okay.” Xixi nodded.

Then, Su Yu pushed open the patient room door. He saw Rick sitting beside Qin Chu’s bedside.

Su Yu knew Rick and Qin Chu were close so he knew how blue he felt.

When Rick saw Su Yu come in, he stood up and nodded to greet him.

“I heard you’ve found someone to operate on him.”

“Yeah, a mysterious old man,” Su Yu said honestly.

“A mysterious old man?” Rick asked confusedly.

“Pudding seems to acknowledge and praise him highly. He’s a very secretive man. I can’t find any information on him but based on my instincts, he’s not a bad guy. I think he can help Qin Chu wake up.”

“Do you have a picture of him?” Rick asked.

“Yeah.” Su Yu took out his phone and showed him the picture he took of the old man a while ago. He investigated the Professor but found nothing.

When Rick saw the picture on Su Yu’s phone, the look of his eyes changed.

“Do you know him?” Su Yu saw the nuance in Rick’s expression so he asked.

“His identity is rather unique. Since he doesn’t want you to know who it is, it’s better that you don’t know.”

Su Yu: “…”

Su Yu was rather annoyed about why everyone was acting so mysterious.

“But what I can tell you for sure is that he can save Qin Chu.”

“Even you say so… Now I’m more curious who he is. It looks like you and Pudding both know who he is but I don’t…” Su Yu chuckled.

“Wait till Huo Mian comes back and she can explain to you in person. There’s a lot involved in this complicated situation.”

“This old man has something to do with Mian?” Su Yu was surprised.

Rick did not respond. Instead, he walked closer to Qin Chu and pulled up his blanket.

“I’ll stay here for a few days. When Qin Chu wakes up, you can reach me at any time. I’m at the Kempinski Hotel.”

“Okay.” Su Yu nodded.

Then, Rick opened the door and walked out.

Su Yu had not seen Rick in the last few years but he was still as cool as always. He was like the world’s strongest and coolest person to Su Yu.

But, Su Yu actually knew Rick’s personality well.

“It’s done?” Xixi stood up.


“How’s President Qin?”

“So-so…” Rick said.

“Rick, I.. I want to visit my family…”

“I’ll take you there.” Rick gently held onto Xixi’s hand.

“No, I mean can you come to eat with my family and me?” Xixi asked cautiously.

Rick was surprised since he did not expect that request.

“Of course, if you don’t want to go, I won’t force you. I know you don’t care about these stupid things but my family is rather simple. I just have my parents and my sister. My sister took the day off and is waiting for me at home. She told me that my mom made my favorite sweet-and-sour fish for me…” Xixi kept on talking, trying to hide the embarrassment and disappointment that hit her when Rick rejected her request.



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