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(There“s Only You and Me Here (9)

– In South Hill Manor –

“Grandpa, when can we have supper?” Little Bean stood beside the professor in the kitchen, looking impatient.

Pudding was sitting calmly in the living room to watch the news about the stock market on TV.

She heard Su Yu say that the Huo Corporation had fallen apart after Huo Siqian disappeared, but the news had not been released yet.

The market didn’t know about Huo Siqian’s accident or the fact that the Huo Corporation was just an empty shell.

Pudding had already sold all of her shares of the Huo Corporation and planned to short the company the moment market opens tomorrow.

“Okay, the supper will be ready in a minute.” The professor chuckled.

“Grandpa, you lied. You said the supper would be ready a moment ago…” Little Bean pouted.

“Haha! Little girl, are you starving?” The professor squatted and hugged Little Bean with love on his face.

“Yeah. Hearing that I could come home, I didn’t stay for supper even though Grandma Su asked me to.”

“Okay. Now go out and call your sister to wash hands. Then you two wait at the dinner table as I bring the food out.”


Hearing that supper was ready, Little Bean ran out like a wind.

“Sis, go and wash your hands. Grandpa said the supper is ready.”


Nodding, Pudding put down her tablet and walked to the sink.

After washing hands, the sisters sat at the table and waited demurely.

Soon, the professor brought out a plate of Tiramisu which looked more delicious than those sold in the bakeries.

“Grandpa, did you make it yourself?” Little Bean couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Yeah. Do you like it?”

“It looks great. I’ll rank it after I eat it.” Little Bean licked her lips.

“Okay. I’ll wait for you to give me a score.”

Then he brought out a plate of black pepper beef steak and fried ham and placed it before Pudding.

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

Pudding looked calmer than Little Bean.

Professor entered the kitchen again and brought out two small bowls of noodles.

“Here. One for each of you.”

“What’s this?” Little Bean looked at it curiously.

“I cooked noodles with vegetables and eggs for you.”

“Grandpa, your cooking skills are superb. It seems you can do anything.”

“Right. I can do lots of things.” The professor looked at his granddaughters proudly.

“Grandpa, are you really my mom’s father?” Little Bean asked suddenly.

“Yes. Why ask?”

“But one can only have one dad, right? If you’re Mom’s father, then who’s the grandpa that had passed away?”

Little Bean thought about it for the whole evening but still couldn’t find an answer. She got curious.

“Oh, it’s a long story. You’ll understand one day,” the professor said with a smile.

“Grandpa, why don’t you have supper?” Pudding noticed their grandpa only brought food for them, but there was no food before him.

“I’m getting old and can’t eat too much in the evening, or I’ll feel uncomfortable.”

“I see. Grandpa, would you like to eat some ice cream? I’ll get it for you. It’s very tasty.”

Pudding ran to the fridge and took out a box of ice cream before placing it before the professor.

“Good. I’ll eat ice cream.”

The professor had thought he’d contribute all his life to the science and had never imagined that he would one day take care of two granddaughters, live an ordinary life, eat ordinary food, and enjoy happy family time.

If Huo Mian were here with them, he would feel even happier.

At this thought, the professor had tears in his eyes.

“Grandpa, why are you crying? Are you tired because of all the cooking you did for us?” Little Bean asked.



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