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(The Forgotten Deserted Island (11)

“To tell you the truth, I just don’t believe Huo Mian is dead.”

Then, Su Yu turned and left.

Gao Ran admired Su Yu’s belief in Huo Mian; it was as strong as Qin Chu’s.

Thinking of Qin Chu who was struggling with death in the ICU, Gao Ran felt sad.

Leaving the Su Family Mansion, Lu Yan and Qiao Fei regrouped.

When they drove past a street full of nighttime food stalls, they parked their supercar at the roadside.

“Psycho Qiao, are you hungry?”

“Huh?” Qiao Fei looked at her questioningly.

“Do you want to have some snacks with me?” Lu Yan chuckled.

“You’re in a mood to have snacks, it means you’ve made some progress…” Qiao Fei knew Lu Yan very well.

“You’re smart. You’d never imagine what happened.”

“Is Professor coming back?” Qiao Fei asked in a leisurely manner.

“Fu*k… Did you eavesdrop on my conversation on the phone?” Lu Yan was frustrated.

“Sorry, but you’re wrong. I was keeping watch on the roof and was too far from you. How could I overhear your call?”

“Then how did you know?”

“I know you.” Qiao Fei looked calm.

“Damn it. You’re so good at guessing my thoughts. Bingo.”

“It’s not difficult. After all, only the professor can save Qin Chu,” Qiao Fei said feelingly.

“I regret my lack of abilities. I was only interested in bombs and such stuff. I wish I had my sister’s talents in saving people. But unfortunately, I’ve known nothing but killing people ever since I was a little girl…”

“Okay. Aren’t you hungry? Shall we go now?” Qiao Fei opened the car door.

They sat down at a table on the street with all kinds of food before them, such as big meat skewers, deep-fried chicken legs, sizzling squids…

Lu Yan had always been a fan of food. Since she rarely came back to China, she stuffed herself to the brim before she left reluctantly.

Paul had prepared a well-decorated detached house for Lu Yan and Qiao Fei.

They were fatigued.

Ever since she landed, Lu Yan had done lots of big tasks in a sweeping manner, including killing many of Huo Siqian’s lackeys and kidnapping Yan Ruoxi.

Every one of them was shocking.

Qiao Fei knew Lu Yan suffered the most after Huo Mian was in trouble.

She blamed herself for not arranging more people to protect her sister.

Lying in the big soft bed, Lu Yan found that it was hard to fall asleep.

“Sis, I’ll find you. I will never give up,” Lu Yan murmured.

On the next morning, Lu Yan got up early and ate some breakfast with Qiao Fei before driving out with him.

They raced all the way to the top of Yuewang Mountain.

With her long hair falling down her back loosely, Lu Yan wore a dark blue windbreaker reaching her calves.

When they reached the top, she squatted down to investigate.

“According to the information we got from those lackeys, this is the place where my sister fell from the cliff…” Lu Yan said.

“Yeah. But this place is indeed high. Falling from here, Sister Mian would have little chance of surviving,” Qiao Fei analyzed.

“Pooh! Doomsayer.”

“I’m not a doomsayer; I just stated the truth. You have lots of battle experience and can see my analysis is right.”

“I’ll do the investigation myself because I don’t believe any words that other people said about it.”

Standing on the edge of the cliff, Lu Yan looked down at the surging ocean below.

After five seconds later, she leaped down.

“Lu Yan…” Qiao Fei’s heart almost popped out.

Lu Yan had jumped down the cliff without any warning, and it was impossible for him to grab her.

Qiao Fei could do nothing but watch Lu Yan jump down the cliff without hesitation.



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