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(You Don“t Understand My Pain (2)

“He did…” Little Bean.

Su Yu immediately seemed alarmed.

“He made cake and steak for us even though it’s nighttime. He mistreated us by making us fat,” Little Bean said in great enjoyment.

Su Yu: “…”

“Handsome Su, don’t listen to her. He didn’t mistreat us; in contrast, he’s been kind to us and made us supper. He’s super nice,” Pudding added.

“That’s good. I can stop worrying now.”

Su Yu felt maybe he had overreacted and was relieved that the kids were fine.

“Go to bed and don’t stay up late.”

“Got it. Same to you.”

“Okay. Good girl. I’ve got to go now.”

After he ended the call, Little Bean finished her meal and walked to stand beside the professor.

“Little Bean, don’t touch any of these things; they are poisonous.”

“Grandpa, what are you doing with the poisonous stuff?”

“Because I’m making the antidote for your dad.”

“Whoa! Grandpa, are you a doctor?” Little Bean looked at him in admiration.

“Doctor? You can say so…” The professor smiled genially.

“What about Auntie? Is she also a doctor?” Little Bean continued to ask.

“Your Auntie? You can call her a scientist.”

“So grand? What does she study?”


The professor was too embarrassed to tell the kid that Lu Yan had been a fan of bombs ever since she was born.

“Grandpa, which is more poisonous, this purple one or the pink one?”

Little Bean looked at the colorful liquids on the table with great interest.

“Little Bean, do you want to learn?”

“Can I?” Little Bean asked, immediately delighted.

“Of course. If you like, I can teach you. When you grow up, you can be a doctor just like your mom.”

“Really? You’re not kidding me?”

“Haha! Of course not.”

“Okay. Then I’ll learn it. Grandpa, you must teach me well. When I finish, I’ll finally surpass my sister in one area. They won’t say my sister is better than me.”

“So this is the reason you want to learn, little girl…” The professor touched her head dotingly.

After finishing her noodles, Pudding brought the dirty plates she and her sister had used to the kitchen and washed them.

Since she couldn’t reach the sink yet, she moved a small stool over and stood on it.

She washed the plates cautiously.

Meanwhile, her sister sat in the professor’s lap in the living room and learned the different medicines.

They didn’t feel unfamiliar with the professor even though they had just met him.

After all, they were related by blood.

The twins had felt a natural closeness the moment they saw him.

Su Yu’s men closely monitored the situation in the house and transferred the images to him constantly.

Su Yu was less worried when he saw them.

After the twins left, he didn’t have to live in his mother’s house. After eating some of the wontons his mother made, he got up, ready to leave.

“Yu, aren’t you going to stay here tonight?” Mrs. Su looked at her son, reluctant to see him go.

“Yeah. I’ll go back to my place since I have to get up early tomorrow. Mom, you should sleep early too.”

“Okay. Drive safe.”

Nodding, he drove out of the Su Family Mansion.

Returning to his own house, Su Yu was about to change shoes when he received a message on WeChat.

“President Su, are you still up?”

“What’s up?” Feeling fatigued, Su Yu replied Nie Lingxuan.

“I’ve something to tell you; maybe you will find it useful.”

“Go ahead.”

After changing shoes, Su Yu walked to the fridge, took out a can of cold beer, went to the sofa, and began to drink it.



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