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(At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead (8)

“I’ll have lots of chances to see your mom in the future. Now is really not the best time. Trust me, if I stay, I will bring you trouble.”

“But we’re not afraid of trouble.” Little Bean pouted stubbornly.

Seeing the dilemma on her grandpa’s face, Pudding knew the answer.

They had seen how nice their grandpa was to them in the past few days. She knew he wouldn’t leave so heartlessly if he could stay.

“Grandpa, will you come back and see us?” Pudding asked.

“Of course. You are my precious babies.”

The professor placed them on his thighs, reluctant to leave them.

With them, he had laughed more than he had done all his life

He felt closer to his granddaughters than he had been to his daughters when they were little.

He understood why so many grandparents doted on their grandchildren.

“Grandpa, we’ll let you go. I know you must have a good reason.”

Finally, Pudding decided not to pester their grandpa anymore.

Although their auntie didn’t say what their grandpa did, she could see his work was special from his secret coming and going; even Handsome Su learned nothing about Grandpa from his secret investigation.Visit website our

“Sis, are you serious? How can you let Grandpa go?” Little Bean looked at Pudding in surprise.

“I’m sure Grandpa loves us. If he could, I’m sure he wouldn’t leave us… If not for Dad, Grandpa probably wouldn’t have returned,” Pudding said.

“Pudding is right.” The professor gave her a thumbs-up to show his appreciation for the granddaughter who knew his heart.

“Auntie told me that she could scarcely see Grandpa all year round. So, I’m sure Grandpa didn’t lie about his busy work,” Pudding said.

Hearing her words, Little Bean pouted and lowered her head guiltily.

“Yeah. Now that you mentioned it, I feel guilty that I didn’t take good care of your auntie when she was little; she grew up on her own.” The professor sighed.

“We should feel happy that Grandpa could perform the surgery on Dad and take care of us for a few days. What more can we want?” Pudding spread out her hands.

“Sis, you have a point.” Little Bean finally understood.

But as he listened to Pudding doing the explanation for him, the professor felt a lump in his throat.

Even a kid who was a few years old could understand him, but he couldn’t understand himself.

He wondered why he had been so passionate about scientific research; he had been obsessed to reach higher goals.

In the past years, his family had fallen apart due to his passion for science.

He remember what happened to his wife Lin Ya; even their daughter Mian had to grow up in a stranger’s family.

Lu Yan was more pitiable as she had to move around the world with him. After Lin Ya’s accident, he had taken Lu Yan to Hong Kong and lived there in secret for a while.

Then when he moved abroad, he had entrusted Lu Yan to some people in Hong Kong. But the girl was wild and obeyed no one; later, she began wandering around the world by herself.

She had to flee from enemies again and again.

In the process, she had gained many abilities; but as she grew up, she was no longer as clingy to the professor as before.

Then later, she entered and graduated from the West Point Military Academy and then organized her own mercenary group, but the professor had known nothing about it until the people from the FBI told him that his daughter had become an elite mercenary and the No.1 wanted criminal in the world.

Only then did he realize that Yan had grown up without his noticing and become a strong woman.

“Grandpa, please don’t cry… I won’t force you to stay…” Seeing the tears in her grandpa’s eyes, Little Bean hurried to comfort him.



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