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(At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead (4)

“Your father is about to do surgery on Mr. Qin.”

Lu Yan: “…”

“Can you tell me something I don’t know? The old man returned just for that.” Lu Yan wanted to curse.

Seeing her anger, the four subordinates lowered their heads and dared not to speak.

“You are still stupid after working for me for so long. It’s infuriating.” Lu Yan turned her face away.

“Young Master Qiao…” Seeing her anger, the subordinates whispered to Qiao Fei, hoping he would help them out of the difficult situation.

Understanding their embarrassment, Qiao Fei came over with a bowl of wontons.

“Ahem. Yan, didn’t you say you were starving?”

“I’m not hungry now. I’m full of fury now…” Lu Yan was still angry.

“I’ve got wontons. Are you sure you don’t want to eat?”

“Wontons? Where did you get them?” Immediately, she turned her head and saw the bowl of small fragrant wontons in Qiao Fei’s hand.

“Have one first and see if it’s good.”

Qiao Fei fed one to Lu Yan with a small spoon.

Lu Yan had been wandering around the world, but her favorite food was Chinese food.

She liked all kinds of styles of Chinese Food, including Hunan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, and all kinds of snacks.

Having been with her for a long time, Qiao Fei knew what she liked.

“What do you think?”

After she ate one, Qiao Fei asked.

“Psycho Qiao, where did you get them?”

“First you must tell me if you like it.”

“It’s divine…” Impatiently, she took the small bowl from his hand and devoured them.

“Hey! Don’t burn yourself. Slow down; no one’s going to fight over them with you,” Qiao Fei cautioned her.

Meanwhile, he gestured at Lu Yan’s subordinates for them to back out quietly.

Understanding him immediately, they turned and left the inner cabin.

“Whoa. Just as the saying goes, everything has its vanquisher. I thought no one would be able to control our boss with her bad temper. Young Master Qiao looks cool and reserved but only he can calm her down.”

“Right. Young Master Qiao loves our boss very much and even walked out on his family for our boss. There are few men like him now.”

“Yeah. If I was the boss, I’d have agreed to marry Young Master Qiao long ago.”

“Forget it. We’d better stay out of it. If the boss heard us, we’d be dead.”

The subordinates walked into the outer cabin to sit down and rest.

Qiao Fei stayed inside to take care of Lu Yan.

Finishing the bowl of wontons, Lu Yan wiped her lips in satisfaction.

“Psycho Qiao, you haven’t told me where you got them? From the Chinatown in the Middle East?”

She knew she was mistaken the moment she said it because the wontons didn’t taste like frozen food.

“It seems you won’t believe me if I tell you they are freshly made.”

“Pu… What did you say? You made them?” Lu Yan was astonished.


“How did you manage that?”

“I learned the skill online.”

“Where did you get the flour and ground pork?”

“Bought them in a superstore in Chinatown.”

“Fu*k! I bow to you…” Lu Yan was completely amazed.

“You don’t have to bow to me. When your wounds are healed, you can consider sleeping with me…” Qiao Fei said with a straight face.

“Damn it… Don’t always dwell on such things… When you have time, you must help me search for my sister… I’m really worried.”

Leaning her head on Qiao Fei’s shoulder, she was still worried about Huo Mian’s disappearance despite her wounds.

– In the hospital in C City –

The corridor outside the operation room in the Army Hospital was crowded with people; almost everyone was here.

Dressed in a white coat, the professor only said to them, “Wait here.”

Then, he walked into the operation room after Qin Chu.



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