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(At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead (3)

When Lu Yan woke up, she found she was in a private plane which was flying in the sky tens of thousands of meters from sea level.

Below the plane was the vast ocean.

“Water.” Lu Yan woke up, feeling listless.

“You woke up?” Qiao Fei immediately walked over with a glass of water and sat on the edge of the big bed with a leather headboard.

“Where are we?”

“On our way to the M Nation. I’ve asked your doctor to redress your wounds. You can rest and let the wounds heal.”

Lu Yan looked around the plane and saw four of her trusted subordinates and a doctor of her team. The doctor was a white man from Israel.

“Okay.” Nodding, Lu Yan heaved a sigh of relief and leaned back on the headboard.

Carefully, Qiao Fei placed a cushion behind her back.

“We got the news that Ian had arrived at the cold storage room more than ten minutes before we got there. But for some reason, he didn’t make a move… Fortunately, we got there in time. You’d be in big trouble if he took you away.”

“That’s because he was too cowardly…” Lu Yan chuckled.

Qiao Fei: “…”

In the whole world, only Lu Yan dared to use the word “cowardly” on Ian, a terrorist who had killed countless people.

Qiao Fei knew Lu Yan had played some trick on Ian.

“Boss, did you play with bombs again?” A female subordinate put in with a smirk.

“Yeah. I drew a circle with bombs around me; anyone stepping on them would die…” Lu Yan said.

“How about Ian? What was he afraid of? What did you say to him?” Qiao Fei was curious about what trick Lu Yan had used to hold Ian off for more than ten minutes.

After all, this wasn’t his style.

“I told him to move cautiously or he’d lose more than he gets.”

“That’s all?” Qiao Fei was surprised.

“Yeah. The vaguer I am, the more uncertain he would feel. Ian is a cautious man. When I said the words with great confidence, he thought I had a micro bomb on me which was as powerful as the one that blew up his Indonesia base. If he shot the sedative needle, we’d die together.”

“You have a micro bomb on you?” Qiao Fei was surprised.

He had been with her for a long time and hadn’t heard her mention it.

A tiny thing like that was extremely dangerous since it could turn a big area into ruins at any moment.

“I don’t,” Lu Yan said frankly.

Qiao Fei: “…”

“So you were just bluffing?” Qiao Fei asked.

“Yeah. I was holding them off and waiting for you.”

“Fu*k! Boss, you were good… What if he saw through you?” a male subordinate cursed in fear.

“Saw through me? How could he? My acting skills can win an Oscar award…” Lu Yan laughed smugly.

“But Ian is not an ordinary man. Boss, you are awesome.”

“Just because it was Ian, I dared to pull this bullshit on him; if he was someone else, he wouldn’t have believed me.”

Qiao Fei: “…”

The subordinates: “…”

“You guys, come here.” Lu Yan beckoned at her subordinates.

The four subordinates, three men and one woman, walked up obediently and stood before her in one row.

“How is the thing I told you to investigate?”

“We still don’t have any information on Miss Huo.”

“Still no information? How can it be? Many days have passed… Huo Siqian hasn’t shown his face?”

“No. He didn’t contact the guys in Germany, either. Our people are watching Nalo closely and haven’t seen Huo Siqian. The situation is the same in the U.S.”

“That’s weird. The two people just vanished into thin air?” Lu Yan’s mood plummeted.

“Boss, we got news from Huaxia.”

“What news?” Lu Yan looked up.



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