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(The Forgotten Deserted Island (2)

“Yan Ruoxi. Do you know her?” Playing with the globe on the desk, Lu Yan asked in a leisurely manner.

“Yan Ruoxi… The daughter of Mayor Yan?”


“Okay. Boss, I’ll go and get her now.”

“Is half an hour enough?” Lu Yan checked her watch and asked.


Then Paul strode out immediately without saying goodbye to her.

“Are you sure half an hour is enough? I heard the traffic is terrible here, right?” Qiao Fei put down the book named ‘5,000-year History of China’ and asked.

“Traffic? That’s not my business; I only issue orders.”

No one in the world could be as unreasonable as Lu Yan.

She would just issue missions and wouldn’t hear any reasons that the mission couldn’t be finished.

She wouldn’t listen to any excuses; even if there was traffic congestion, they must find a way to get the person she wanted. That was the end of the story.

“Okay. You win.” Qiao Fei didn’t know what to say.

Less than three minutes after Paul was gone, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

The big dumb guy who had got his arm dislocated walked in on shaky legs.

He was holding a platter.

On the platter were a big plate of beautifully arranged fruits and two mugs of coffee.

“Bo-Boss, Big Brother, no, Mr. Paul told me to make your stay comfortable… If there’s anything you want, please just tell me.”

Having witnessed Lu Yan’s abilities, the big dumb guy was meek now.

He looked like a mouse before a cat when he saw Lu Yan.

“You look dumb but are quite considerate…”

“Boss, thank… you.” The big dumb guy was still a bit scared.

“Put the fruit plate here. I’m hungry.” Lu Yan beckoned at him.

The big guy immediately walked over and put down the fruit plate and a mug of coffee before her; then he placed a mug of coffee before Qiao Fei.

Lu Yan picked up a chunk of watermelon and put it into her mouth. Then she said, “I want to eat scallion pancakes.”

“Huh?” The big guy looked nonplussed.

“When I was in China Town, I’d eat some Chinese snacks. My favorites are scallion pancakes and Rougamo… Can you buy some for me?”

She sounded like a little kid who begged for treats, making the big guy uncomfortable.

“Yes. Yes. Boss, please wait for a little while and I’ll be back in a minute.”

Then he ran out like a wind.

After he was gone, Qiao Fei picked up his mug of coffee with a smile. “Look how frightened he’s of you.”

“Am I that scary?”

“What do you think?” Qian Fei tossed the question back to her.

“Then why aren’t you afraid of me?” Lu Yan cooed.

“Because I’m scarier than you,” Qiao Fei answered with brazenness.

“Psycho Qiao, do you know what I like best about you?”

“What is it?”

“I like how shameless you are…” Then she lowered her head and continued eating the watermelon.

Less than three minutes later, the big guy came back with scallion pancakes and Rougamo that he had bought from the food vendor across the street.

He also bought stinky tofu and potato noodles.

He guessed the boss of his boss would like the snacks sold on the street.

“I remember… I only told you that I wanted Rougamo and scallion cakes, right?” Lu Yan looked at the food and asked.

Scared, the big guy dropped to his knees.

“So-sorry, boss, I’ll take away the others.”

“Don’t… I meant… you bought two more of my favorite snacks. Good job,” Lu Yan said with a smile.

The big guy was dumbstruck again.

He almost wet his pants. His boss Paul had told him before leaving to make this lady comfortable or get killed.

This wasn’t bluffing, because Lu Yan was a notorious killing machine among mercenaries; she never felt guilty for killing people because it was her job.

She kept the highest record of killings among the mercenaries.

One time when she was engaged in a shooting with a gang of drug dealers, and she killed 57 people in one breath with knives, guns, and even grenades. It was a fierce battle.

“You seem to be scared of me?” Lu Yan ate some scallion pancakes and said to the big dumb guy with a smile.

Upon seeing that smile, he was more petrified.



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