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(You Don“t Understand My Pain (3)

“My sister contacted me. They are on the way back, more specifically, on a connecting flight. They will arrive tomorrow afternoon.”

“They?” He noticed the keyword.

“Yes. My sister and her boyfriend.”

“Okay…” Su Yu nodded and answered with one word.

“The last time when you asked for my sister’s phone number, I guessed you wanted to find Rick. So, I think you might find it useful to know they will come back.”

“Good. I got it. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. If you need me to do anything, just tell me, President Su.”

Nie Lingxuan was always patient and gentle to Su Yu.


After replying, Su Yu tossed his cellphone to one side and began to drink his beer.

Nie Lingxuan found nothing to say but was reluctant to end the conversation.

“President Su, you haven’t come to the company lately. Did anything happen?”

“Yeah. Something happened to my friend,” Su Yu answered vaguely.

“I can see you’re not in a good mood.”


“Everything in the company is working smoothly. Even if you’re not here, we’re working hard and won’t bring shame to our Imperial Star.”


No matter what she said, Su Yu replied with only one word; Nie Lingxuan felt a bit awkward.

“Okay, I won’t disturb you then. Sleep well.”


“President Su, in a few days, my new movie will premiere; if it’s well-received, will you come and celebrate it with us?”

Finally, Nie Lingxuan mustered her courage and asked Su Yu.

Before he could reply, she continued, “It’s my first time to perform in such a big production and I’m a bit worried that my acting skills are not good and it won’t be received well. But the director said the movie is very likely to hit more than a billion yuan in the box office. If we can really reach that goal, will you come and open champagne for us in celebration?”

It was obvious that Nie Lingxue was eager for him to go.

“I’ll see.” Still, Su Yu didn’t give her the answer she wanted.

“Okay, then. Good night.”

Finishing the conversation, Su Yu browsed the contact list in his WeChat account until he came to Huo Mian’s profile picture under the alias Doctor Huo.

He liked the alias “Doctor Huo” and liked to call Huo Mian by this name.

He especially liked the way she looked when she wore her black-framed glasses and a white coat.

The happiest time since he had met Huo Mian was the days he stayed as a patient in the hospital.

At that time, he tried to find every chance to bully Huo Mian but always ended up being bullied by her.

But he had enjoyed every minute of it and waited eagerly for her to go on rounds in the wards each day to bicker with her.

Huo Mian had the sharpest tongue among the women he had known.

She could humiliate you into crying without using a single dirty word.

But he had later found that she was, in fact, a person who never cornered others just because she was in the right. She was sharp-tongued on the surface but was, in fact, kind-hearted; how could he not like her?

Looking at her profile picture, his sight began to dim with tears…

He pressed on the audio message button and began to talk, “Doctor Huo, please stop playing and come back. Everyone is missing you… If you come back… if you come back, I promise I’ll stop liking you… I’ll stop making you feel awkward and troubled… I’ll just watch you from the distance…so long as you come back safe.”

He released the button and sent the audio message.

But he knew Huo Mian wouldn’t receive it because she didn’t take her cellphone with her.

Her cellphone was in Gao Ran’s office in the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

At this thought, Su Yu regretted his rash act and recalled the message.

Then, the doorbell rang.

Ding… Ding…



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