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(The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian (10)

But she knew Huo Siqian and thought it was not like him.

Even if he needed to leave the island to do something, he would tell her and at least leave some food materials for her to cook for herself.

But a whole day had passed without her seeing him…

Each day, she would go for a walk around the island and then sit alone on the beach.

She didn’t feel like eating at noon and didn’t return for lunch. She had been puzzled about why Huo Siqian didn’t look for her today.

In the past, whenever she didn’t return for meals, Huo Siqian would search for her anxiously on the island.

He even brought food for her in case she’d feel hungry.

Her stomach growled.

Huo Mian touched her belly and thought she was selfish. Even if she didn’t want to eat, the baby needed to eat.

Besides, she wasn’t a spoiled daughter of a rich family who couldn’t cook.

She could make her own meals. She didn’t care where Huo Siqian had gone. In fact, it would be better if he was gone, and she wouldn’t be bored living by herself.

At this thought, Huo Mian went to the kitchen.

She found the basic food materials such as rice, flour, and corn oil.

There was no fridge on the island, not because it was troublesome to get electricity, but that Huo Siqian wanted to live a primitive life.

He tried his best not to use the appliances…

He cooked rice and dishes in a big iron pot in the kitchen with wood-burning underneath.

Each morning, Huo Siqian would go out to find logs and cut them into firewood; he enjoyed the process.

According to him, the food that his lackeys delivered to him was stored in the cellar behind the cottage.

Huo Mian knew about cellars.

When she was on a co-op program at the university, she had gone to a backwater village in the mountains with her classmates and teachers. Water and electricity were scarce in the village, not to mention appliances.

In the summer, to preserve the vegetables, the villagers would store the food in the cellars.

They looked like the basements in the houses in the cities but were definitely not renovated so fancily.

In fact, the workers just dug a hole in the ground and entered it through a ladder; the temperatures in the cellars were very low.

Huo Mian had heard Huo Siqian mention that the provisions his men delivered to him were stored in the cellar.

But she had never seen the cellar because she had no interest in it.

With the firewood left from yesterday, she built the fire under the iron pot.

Pouring water into the pot, she put rice and water into a small container and steamed it in the iron pot.

She looked for the groceries and found only the leftovers of yesterday’s green pepper and eggs.

She sniffed at it and thought it had gone bad, so she dumped it.

She hadn’t thought it was a big issue that she didn’t have vegetables to go with rice, but then she realized it was an important thing.

After all, she couldn’t go without vegetables for each meal. If Huo Siqian didn’t return for one or two days, what would she eat to survive?

Finally, she calmed down and decided to go into the cellar and see how much food was left. After all, she couldn’t starve herself on this deserted island.

As for why Huo Siqian left the island, she didn’t want to waste her energy on trying to figure it out.

She opened the door and walked to the rear of the cottage.

Huo Siqan always came to this area, but she had seldom ventured here due to her complete lack of interest.

When she got closer to the cellar, she had a panic attack…

She felt something bad would happen in the place before her but just couldn’t stop her steps.




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