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(She’s Not As Strong As You All Think (6)

“No rush. Yan isn’t someone you can defeat easily.” Ian smiled maliciously.

From the sounds of the footsteps, Lu Yan could tell there were many people. She immediately knew that it wasn’t her subordinates and Qiao Fei coming to save her.

She was actually a bit confused when they still hadn’t barged in…

She had just been through surgery and was still very weak.

She leaned her body on a cement pillar inside the cold storage.

Ian looked calmly at the deserted cold storage but he did not rush to go in.

“Boss, if you’re worried about any of her traps, we could set this place on fire and force her to come out,” a subordinate suggested.

Ian slapped him hard in the face when he heard that suggestion.

“How long have you followed me? How have you still not learned to shut the f*ck up?”

“Sorry, Boss.”

It was impossible to predict Ian’s emotions. All of his subordinates knew this. No one knew what he was thinking about or what he liked. He was a mad man.

Finally, Ian walked closer to the cold storage entrance, as if he were going to enter.

“Boss…” One of his subordinates seemed to want to stop him but didn’t dare speak up any further.

Ian brought with him tens of men…

When he was walking towards the cold storage entrance, only four followed behind him.

They knew that Ian wanted to see with his own eyes whether she was in there or not.

At the entrance of the cold storage, one of the subordinates opened the door for Ian. The door was unlocked.

Cold air ushered out as Ian stepped into the cold storage.

The cold storage wasn’t big, so you could see everything with one look.

He immediately saw Lu Yan curled up in a corner by a pillar. She looked exhausted.

“It is you, you disgraceful creature,” Lu Yan said to Ian with impeccable English.

“Haha, disgraceful creature. Is that my new name? I like it!”

Lu Yan glared at Ian…

“Honey, you look badly wounded…” Ian said.

“That’s none of your business. I’m not dying yet. The King of Hell doesn’t want me yet.”

“The King of Hell? Who’s that?” Ian didn’t know Chinese culture that well.

“Your ancestors.” Lu Yan didn’t have much energy to further explain.

“Nope. My ancestors aren’t called by that name. Honey, where’s your lover? How can he leave you behind? It looks like he’s a terrible guy… I told you that you should be with me. I love you so much…” Ian looked at Lu Yan as if he were very interested in her.

Ian had spent a lot of manpower and money on searching for Lu Yan.

Not only did Ian want to capture Lu Yan so he could threaten the professor, he also wanted her.

He was very interested in this baby with an Eastern face…

Ian watched Lu Yan since she was in her teenage years. It could be said that he also watched her grow up.

They had been playing Tom and Jerry for years now and Ian loved it.

He had never been so interested in a woman. That was also a reason he didn’t want his subordinates to kill Lu Yan.

“Yeah, cut the b.s. You love me? How would a person like you know what is love? You only know how to pretend to be a vampire and do disgusting things. Aren’t you ashamed or embarrassed of yourself?” Lu Yan’s tongue could be even more vicious than Huo Mian’s.

She was the first person that ever dared to speak to Ian like that.

When Ian’s subordinates heard her speak, they all looked terrified.

“Boss, I’ll teach this impolite woman a lesson for you.”

Then, the subordinate walked over towards Lu Yan, wanting to pick her up and give her a heavy beating.



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