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(The Forgotten Deserted Island (3)

“No… I’m… not,” the big guy stammered.

“You mean you’re not afraid of me? I’m that unrespectable as a boss?” Lu Yan pouted to tease him.

“No… No.”

Lu Yan played with the big dumb guy, making him fear for his life.

For this guy, talking with Lu Yan was like talking with the Death God.

He felt like he might die at any moment.

“Okay. Yan, are you done playing?” Qiao Fei couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

“I’m done. Psycho Qiao, would you like some of it; it’s yummy.” Lu Yan waved the scallion pancake at him.

“No. I’m not interested.”

“Humph! You don’t know how to enjoy life.”

Then the big dumb guy looked at Lu Yan and asked timidly, “Boss of the boss, if you don’t need me now, may I excuse myself?”

“Yes, you may.”

The moment Lu Yan agreed, the big dumb guy fled from the room without looking back.

“Look how much you scare him…” Qiao Fei didn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

Still young, Lu Yan looked like a willful child when the mood hit her, making people around her uncomfortable.

“I enjoy it.”

The moment she said it, Paul came back with a tired look.

He brought in Yan Ruoxi whose mouth was sealed by tape.

Paul’s intelligence was accurate. When he was driving, he ordered his men to find out Yan Ruoxi’s whereabouts; knowing she was attending an heiress reception, he immediately drove over and kidnapped her. The whole process was efficient and silent.

When she saw Lu Yan, Yan Ruoxi didn’t know whom she was dealing with, and she just made noises and didn’t know what to say.

“Boss, I got her.” Paul stood on one side with respect.

“27 minutes. Hmm.” Lu Yan looked at her watch and found Paul had returned just in time.

She stood up and walked to Yan Ruoxi.

Then she tore off the tape from Yan Ruoxi’s mouth in one swift movement.

Feeling the burning sensation on her mouth, Yan Ruoxi frowned.

The skin around her lips turned red and swollen.

“Who are you? Do you know who I am?” Yan Ruoxi looked arrogant.

“We know who you are and who your dad is.” Lu Yan chuckled.

Surprised, Yan Ruoxi looked at her. “If you know us, you’d better let me go now. If my father knows about it, you’ll be dead.”

“Hmm… You dare to show off the small title of your Dad? Even if you were the daughter of the president, I’d hit you without hesitation…”

“You…?” Yan Ruoxi suddenly found that the girl before her looked familiar.

But, she couldn’t remember whom the girl looked like.

“Woman, I don’t like going in circles. I’ll get to the point now. You must answer each of my questions truthfully and swiftly, otherwise, I will make you suffer.”

Paul pulled a chair over for Lu Yan and she sat down.

Then somehow, a few flying knives appeared in Lu Yan’s hands, and she played with them casually.

With her head lowered, she sat five meters away from Yan Ruoxi.

Lu Yan looked at her and asked, “Do you know Huo Siqian’s plan?”

“What Huo Siqian? What plan?” Yan Ruoxi played dumb.

The moment she said it, Lu Yan threw out a flying knife and pierced Yan Ruoxi’s shoulder.

“Ahh…” In pain, Yan Ruoxi screamed, not expecting the young girl who looked to be only 20 years would be so vicious.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this to me…?” Defeated, Yan Ruoxi lost all her arrogance; she broke down and cried uncontrollably.



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