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(At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead (5)

Everyone waited outside anxiously.

Qin Chu’s parents, his second uncle, Qin Ning, and Tang Chuan were here.

Zhixin and his mother had come from outside C City.

Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao came with their son.

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were here with their son.

Ni Yang and his wife had come here quite early.

Rick and Xixi, who had just returned from abroad, were also here.

Standing closest to the door were Su Yu, Mrs. Su, and the twins.

The corridor turned quiet as everyone waited tensely.

In tacit understanding, they were all silent.

“Sis, Dad will wake up soon, right?” Little Bean suddenly said.

Everyone looked toward the little girl.

“Yes,” Pudding, a girl of few words, replied with only one word.

“Don’t worry. Your dad will be fine soon,” Su Yu touched Little Bean’s head and comforted her.

“Life is so unfair to our Chu and Mian. They are so young but have already suffered so much…” Mrs. Qin leaned her head on her husband’s shoulder and cried.

“Aunt, don’t be said. My brother will be fine. When he wakes up, he’ll find my sister-in-law…” Qin Ning said.

“Yeah. My brother-in-law is a godlike man who can do anything. He will be fine.”

“I don’t know if the old man can save my son… I hope the surgery is successful.” Qin Chu’s father looked anxious.

“Uncle Qin, the old gentleman has excellent medical skills. Don’t worry.”

No one knew about the professor’s identity and it was natural for them to feel worried.

But Rick knew who he was and tried to reassure them.

“Rick… You know him, right?” standing beside Rick, Gao Ran asked in a low voice.

“The whole thing is complicated and I can’t explain it with a few words. Wait until Qin Chu wakes up, and he will tell you.”

“Okay.” Gao Ran nodded and didn’t ask more questions.

“Little Bean, what’s in your hands?” Gao Boyuan walked over and asked Little Bean.

“A cake. I made a strawberry cake for my dad; I’ll give it to him to eat when he wakes up.”

Little Bean carried the cake carefully; it was obvious that her small body was tense.

Time ticked on.

Two hours later, the professor walked out with the assistants from the hospital.

“How was it?” the people swarmed up, and Su Yu asked anxiously.

“The surgery is successful. I dissolved the toxin in his body and repaired his liver,” the professor said succinctly.


Su Yu heaved a deep sigh of relief, and everyone was thrilled.

“Can we see him in a little while?” Gao Ran was excited.

“It will depend on how fast he recovers. He’ll wake up maybe in a few hours or a couple of days…”

“So long?” Qin Chu’s parents were a bit disappointed.

“Now that the toxin is dissolved and the surgery is finished, he will wake up eventually, in no more than three days. Don’t worry.” The professor gave them a time frame.

“I want to go in and accompany my dad.”

Before anyone could stop her, Little Bean dashed into the room with the cake in her hands.

“Come back, Little Bean…” Anxious, Pudding ran into the room after her sister.

“Let them in. I’m sure they are impatient to see their dad. But you can’t enter the room in a large group. You’d better go in in small groups, so he won’t be disturbed.”

“Okay.” Su Yu nodded.

Rick walked up and handed a white handkerchief to the professor.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. It’s my own business.” The professor smiled genially.

Hearing his words, Su Yu looked back at the professor curiously.

“When are you leaving? I’ll have someone drive you to the airport,” Rick continued.



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