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(She’s Not As Strong As You All Think (7)

Before Ian could stop him, his subordinate had already rushed over.

Before he could reach Lu Yan, a loud noise sounded and the subordinate’s body was blasted into pieces.

The rest of his subordinates were so terrified that they all backed up behind Ian.

Rumors had it that Lu Yan was a bomb expert. Apparently, she started playing with explosives since she was a young child.

Many armies wanted to recruit her but she rejected them all.

How would Ian not know about this?

However, that dumb subordinate of his wanted to protect his boss and gain recognition, forgetting to think of the consequences. That was why he rushed over and exploded into pieces…

“Psh… Honey, you sure are playful, sending me great presents every time we meet.”

Ian felt nothing about losing a subordinate.

Instead, he was delighted by Lu Yan’s trap…

“Present? That’s nothing. This is just an appetizer…” Lu Yan smiled.

“Then your appetizers are very special,” Ian lauded.

“Ian, do you know the story, the Journey to the West?” Lu Yan asked as she calmly leaned her head against the pillar with her eyes closed.

“The Journey to the West?” Ian asked with slight astonishment.

“Yes. It’s a well-known story from my country. It’s about three students with their teacher going to the west to find Buddhist scriptures. That’s not the main point though. The main point is that whenever the teacher’s students would go perform a task, they would first draw a circle around their teacher to protect him from the demons. The demons won’t be able to get close to the circle,” Lu Yan casually explained.

“So?” Ian seemed to be rather interested in Lu Yan’s story.

“So there’s a circle around me like that. It looks calm but it’s actually very dangerous.”

“Boss, she’s probably just bullsh*ting… Don’t trust her. I’m not scared of her.”

Another dumb subordinate dashed over because he didn’t believe Lu Yan’s words.

At the same distance but from another angle, another bomb exploded.

This subordinate was faster to react and only lost an arm from the explosion.

The room was filled with smoke and the smell of explosives.

“I told you the truth and you still want to die… Ian, your subordinates’ intelligence level is very concerning…” Lu Yan said proudly.

“You only have one circle but I have many subordinates. Honey, you’re no match against me. Why don’t you just be obedient and come with me? I don’t want to hurt you,” Ian tried to persuade her.

“Sir, we can use anesthetics on her and attack her from a distance. When she faints, we can take her away without even approaching her,” another subordinate suggested.

“Honey, did you hear that? If you don’t obey, I’ll have to use anesthetics on you. My little monster, do you want the dosage that we use for lions and tigers?” Ian said as he raised his hands to lift up his hat.

He took over the long thin transparent needle from one of his subordinates.

“Nice idea, but I’ll suggest you don’t do that or you’re going to regret it,” Lu Yan smiled.

“Huh? Regret what? So does my honey have a better idea?”

Ian was cautious with Lu Yan. He had gone against her many times and knew she has many tricks up her sleeve. That was why when Lu Yan said that, he was more cautious and slowed down his movements.

“Boss, she’s bluffing. She’s alone and helpless right now. How would she have other ways out?”

“Ian, why don’t you try? Let’s see when you shoot the anesthetics, who would end up being the one getting f-cked.” Lu Yan opened her puppy eyes and looked at Ian. Her smile was confident.



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