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(At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead (7)

“Pudding, Little Bean, come here. I want to talk to you.”

Sitting on the sofa in the ward, the professor beckoned at the twins.

The twins went to him.

“Please go ahead, Grandpa,” Pudding said respectfully.

“Now your dad’s condition is stable and will wake up soon, so…” The professor paused.

Looking at the kids’ clear and bright eyes, he couldn’t bear to continue.

“Grandpa, so what?” Little Bean, a short-tempered girl, was impatient.

“So, Grandpa’s going to leave.”

“No,” the moment the professor said it, Little Bean objected.

“Grandpa, where are you going?” Pudding was calmer than her sister.

“I’ll return to where I came from…”

“No. Grandpa! I won’t let you go. I’ll cry if you go,” Little Bean threatened.

Dotingly, the professor pulled them into his arms and kissed their foreheads.

“Grandpa, can’t you stay? When Daddy wakes up, he’ll go find Mom. Then we can all live together, and we’ll go and bring Auntie back. South Hill Manor is very big, and we can all live in it,” Pudding said.Visit website our

“It’s not about the house. Things are complicated and I can’t explain them to you. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.”

“If you go, it means you don’t love us… I don’t want you to go, Grandpa… I want you to cook delicious food for me…”

As she said that, Little Bean began to cry.

Looking at her, the professor had a lump in his throat.

“Little Bean, good girl, don’t cry, ok?”

“No. If you go, I’ll cry.”

“I can’t stay because my work is not finished yet.” The professor tried to convince his granddaughters.

“If you must go, then take me with you. I’ll go with you, Grandpa.” Determined, Little Bean sat in the professor’s lap and begged.

“Um…” The professor didn’t know what to do.

In his life, he hadn’t taken care of kids before; when Lu Yan was little, she had managed everything on her own.

At that time, he had been busy with his scientific research while dodging the evil organizations; meanwhile, he had to secretly investigate the issue about his wife Lin Ya.

As for Huo Mian, he hadn’t spent any time with her since she was mistakenly taken by strangers at birth and had grown up in another family.

So, when he faced the two kids begging him to stay, the professor was at a loss as to what to do.

“Grandpa, Little Bean and I really like you. In the past few days with Dad and Mom not home, you’ve taken good care of us. We really don’t want to lose you.”

“You won’t lose me. It’s not like I won’t come back. After I wrap things up, I’ll come and see you, okay?”

“No. They are just empty words. We don’t believe you,” Little Bean said.

“But I really can’t stay here. In other words, if I stay here, not only you, but your dad, his friends, and even all the people in the city will be in danger.” The professor tried to explain his work to them.

“Grandpa, could it be that you are an alien?” Little Bean asked solemnly.

The professor: “…”

Pudding: “…”

“Are the people from your planet here to take you back? If you don’t go back, they will destroy the earth?” Little Bean bombarded him with questions.

Professor didn’t know he should cry or laugh.

“Grandpa, are you sure you don’t want to stay here until Mom comes back? Don’t you want to see her? I’m sure she wants to see you.” Pudding changed the strategy which was different from Little Bean’s unreasonable insistence.



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