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(The Forgotten Deserted Island (10)

“Of course. It’s not a boast that your grandpa has the best medical skills in the world and there is no patient he can’t cure.”

Then Lu Yan added in a small voice, “Except for your grandma.”

“What did you say, Auntie?” Pudding didn’t hear the last part.

“Oh. Nothing. I said since your grandpa promised you, he will come back soon. With him here, everything will be okay.”

“Excellent! Auntie…” Pudding grabbed Lu Yan’s hand in excitement.

At this moment, Mrs. Su said outside the door, “Pudding, are you asleep?”

“Yes, Grandma Su?” Pudding immediately answered.

“I cooked some pears with rock sugar for you. I noticed that you were coughing sometimes.”

“Okay. I’ll open the door now.”

After Pudding said the words, Lu Yan reached out and touched her cheek.

“Go. Auntie’s going to leave now.”

“Auntie, when will you come and see us again?”

“I… am not sure.”

“Auntie, please come and see me often, okay? Mom’s not with us, but I’m happy to see you, Auntie.”

Pudding held Lu Yan’s hand, reluctant to see her go.

“Okay. I promise you I’ll come back to see you and Little Bean. Don’t tell anyone about my visit and things about Grandpa, do you understand?”

“Yeah. I understand.”

“Good girl. After I leave, close the window.”

Pudding watched as Lu Yan leaped up onto the windowsill and then out of the window without a pause.

Although the building wasn’t tall, she found her auntie’s movements were like those special stunts in the movie.

If Little Bean had seen it, she would have thought her auntie was a Spider-Woman.

After Lu Yan left, Pudding walked over to open the door for Mrs. Su.

On his way home from the hospital, Su Yu got a call from Gao Ran.

Then, he went directly to the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Ever since Qin Chu and Huo Mian got in trouble, Gao Ran hadn’t had a good night’s sleep.

He had been directing the search and rescue operation from the bureau.

“Chief, Young Master Su is here.”

A young police officer ushered Su Yu into Gao Ran’s office.

“Young Master Su, I heard something happened in the hospital?” Gao Ran asked.

“Yeah. Someone snuck into Qin Chu’s ward and drugged my bodyguards without anyone’s notice.”

“That’s impressive. Who could do that?” Gao Ran was curious.

“Did you find anything?” Su Yu asked Gao Ran.

“Oh. By the way, I was meaning to ask you if you had people torture and kill Huo Siqian’s lackeys to get information about Huo Mian.”

“Torture and kill?” Su Yu was nonplussed.

Gao Ran took out some photos of the victims covered in blood and tossed them onto the desk.

“Look at these.”

Su Yu picked them up and studied them with a frown.

“I didn’t do it.”

“I didn’t think it was you too. Their throats were all cruelly cut. It means that someone else is also hunting down Huo Siqian’s lackeys and killed seven of them in one day.”

“When did these killings happen?” Su Yu was astonished.

“Tonight. The last victim died less than five hours ago.”

“Does it mean that these killings were done by the person who snuck into Qin Chu’s ward?” Su Yu wondered.

“We don’t know the person’s background or purpose. It seems we must be more careful.” Gao Ran instructed.

“Gao Ran, can you find Ah-Cheng?”

“You want to see him?”

“Yeah. Qin Chu must have a good reason to trust him. I want to see him and get some details.” Su Yu didn’t want to let go of any chance to get information about Huo Mian.

“I’ll try. He is in hiding after the whole thing, but Qin Chu had arranged Cheng’s child to live in a place to recover from the surgery. I think I can find him.”

Nodding, Su Yu turned and was about to leave when Gao Ran asked, “Young Master Su, have you considered what we should do if Huo Mian is indeed dead?”



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