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(The Forgotten Deserted Island (6)

“Done.” Lu Yan clapped her hands.

Qiao Fei was no longer surprised by her weird tricks.

She had got her hands on all kinds of poisons, drugs, and bombs.

It was said a drug production base had invited her to join them to make drugs at the outrageous price of 10 billion yuan up front, but she had refused.

She said her dream was becoming the No.1 mercenary and didn’t want to get involved in it.

Those people felt humiliated by her refusal and hired killers to hunt her down.

Lu Yan played hide-and-seek with them for half a year.

At last, she got impatient and blew up their base with a time bomb.

From then on, no one, both the cops and the outlaws, dared to mess with Lu Yan.

Due to her connection with the professor, the FBI turned a blind eye on the incident and didn’t investigate it.

Other than the aliens like Ian, Lu Yan was the absolute queen in this world.

After knocking the four bodyguards unconscious with the drug she had made herself, Lu Yan told Qiao Fei to drag them into the storeroom across the corridor.

Then they entered Qin Chu’s special care ward and locked the door from inside.

Lu Yan walked slowly toward the man lying on the bed with complicated feelings.

After all, he was her sister’s beloved man and had performed surgery on Qiao Fei in Russia.

“I feel sad to see my brother-in-law in this state.”

“He is in this state probably because he cares too much for sister Mian…”

Sitting on the chair, Lu Yan turned on the Bluetooth on her watch and hacked into the database of the hospital.

With ease, she found Qin Chu’s diagnosis documents from the database.

After reading it, Lu Yan fell silent.

“What’s wrong?” From her face, Qiao Fei knew something wasn’t right.

“Psycho Qiao, we’re in trouble.”

“If you say it’s trouble, then it must be something hard to handle,” said Qiao Fei.

“It’s not hard to understand my brother-in-law’s illness. It’s not easy to remove the poison from his body. He had made the medicine himself; now that he’s in a coma, no one knows its ingredients. I’m not gifted in medication and not as knowledgeable as my sister. She inherited my mother’s genes and is much better than me. But now, my sister is also in trouble.”

Lu Yan analyzed the current situation.

“So, what shall we do now? Shall we help your brother-in-law wake up first or find your sister first?” Qiao Fei asked.

“We must get my brother-in-law to wake up first because he’d die if the coma continued.”

“Are you going to take him away?” Qiao Fei knew from Lu Yan’s tone that the doctors in the country couldn’t cure Qin Chu.

He guessed Lu Yan might steal Qin Chu away.

“No. He can’t make the trip. I must bring my dad here.”

“The professor?” Qiao Fei was surprised.

“Other than him, there’s no one else who can remove the poison from my brother-in-law,” Lu Yan said in conviction.

“But can the professor come out?”

Qiao Fei knew about the professor’s situation and wasn’t sure he could come here.

“Of course. I’ll think of a way.”

At this moment, a doctor and a nurse came to check up on the patient.

They felt strange when they didn’t see the bodyguards at the door.

They pushed at the door and found it was locked from the inside; they felt even more puzzled.

“Who’s in there?” the doctor asked on the other side of the door.

Pulling Qiao Fei with her, Lu Yan opened the window and jumped down from the height; then they left with the help of a rope.

When the doctor came in, he was scared when he saw the window was open; obviously, someone had broken in.

He immediately called Su Yu.

When Su Yu got the call, he was eating supper with the twins.

“What’s up?”

“Young Master Su, some strangers broke into Mr. Qin’s ward and your bodyguards are missing.”

“What… did you say?” Furious, Su Yu stood up abruptly.



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