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(The Forgotten Deserted Island (12)

Qiao Fei almost jumped after her.

When he reached the edge and looked down, he saw Lu Yan was dangling in the air on a zipline.

Then she slid down slowly to investigate the wall of the cliff.

“Lu Yan, you little bastard, just you wait…” Seeing she was okay, Qiao Fei finally calmed down.

The cool and reserved Pervert Qiao had said dirty words for the first time in his life and called Lu Yan a ‘little bastard’.

Smirking, Lu Yan looked up at Qiao Fei who had paled in fright.

“Heh heh! Little bastard, who are you railing at?”

“At you, of course. Damned girl.” Qiao Fei had the urge to strangle her.

“You’re right, a little bastard is railing at me.”

Qiao Fei: “…”

Only Lu Yan would play a game of words to make fun of him at such a time.

Lu Yan studied the rocks on the wall of the cliff to see if there was a hiding place.

She wondered if Huo Siqian had done some tricks during their fall from the cliff.

But she found nothing.

Of course, if there were some hiding places on the wall, Su Yu would have found them long ago.

She then reached the surface of the ocean.

Lu Yan stopped for five seconds and then jumped into the water with a splash.

If Qiao Fei didn’t know her great swimming skills, he would have been worried.

Minutes later, Lu Yan got out of the water and climbed up the cliff swiftly along the rope.

Qiao Fei reached out his hand immediately and pulled a wet Lu Yan up to the top.

“Psycho Qiao…” Before Lu Yan could finish, Qiao Fei grabbed her and held her tightly in his arms.

She almost couldn’t breathe…

“Ahem… Damn it! Let me go! Are you trying to murder me?” Lu Yan didn’t know if she should cry or laugh.

“In the future, you must give me a warning before you do such risky stuff, okay?” Qiao Fei’s heart had almost stopped.

He had thought Lu Yan tried to kill herself in a moment of grief.

But ten seconds later, he had snapped back to his senses and looked down to look for her.

With her abilities, she could handle it easily.

“You always say you know me the best, right? Did you think I couldn’t handle such a trivial thing? By the way. I found something.”

“What did you find?” Qiao Fei loosened his grip around Lu Yan.

“The fellow Huo Siqian is really smart. There’s nothing on the wall of the cliff until it reaches the sea surface, but there’s something under the sea.”

“Under the sea?”

Lu Yan nodded.

“There’s a place less than three square meters under the sea; it looks like a vortex, but I found it wasn’t naturally formed but a cave entrance dug out by people. I entered the entrance and found a cave that can accommodate two to three people. Besides, there’s an exit to the cave.” Lu Yan said with a smile.

Understanding dawned on Qiao Fei.

“I see… Huo Siqian is really smart… It means Sister Mian is fine, right?”

“Of course. My sister is blessed. I’m sure she’s fine.”

Lu Yan had suspected Huo Siqian had used some trick to fool everyone; she was happy that her suspicions were confirmed.

“The problem now is how Huo Siqian took sister Mian away. Where are they now?” Qiao Fei asked.

“This is the most puzzling question to me. Huo Siqian’s plan is impeccable and I’m not surprised that someone like Yan Ruoxi knew nothing about it. I’m afraid he’s a person who trusts no one. I guess Ian doesn’t know it, either. I think I must see a person.”

“Who?” Qian Fei looked at Lu Yan in puzzlement.




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