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(She’s Not As Strong As You All Think (4)

“Of course we should. Let’s go and find my son with that recording.” Qin Ning infuriated Mrs. Tang so much that she almost got a heart attack from it.

They left Tang Chuan’s mansion and went straight to the headquarters of the Tang Corporation.

Tang Chuan and the marketing department just finished their meeting and were heading to lunch.

Just then, Tang Chuan saw his mother coming in in a huff, waiting to burst out in anger.

“Hey, Mom. You’re free today? Did you not go play Mahjong?” Tang Chuan said with a childish smile.

“Skip the bullsh*t and come with me.”

Mrs. Tang was very angry…

Tang Chuan didn’t know what was happening but walked behind her. He didn’t forget to ask the female butler what the situation was quietly.

“Mei, what happened? Did my mother eat explosives?”

“Something like that,” the female butler responded seriously.

Inside Tang Chuan’s office, Mrs. Tang looked back at the female butler.

“Mei, play him the recording.”

“Okay, Ma’am.”

Then, the female butler took out her phone and put it on speaker. It played the whole conversation between Qin Ning and Mrs. Tang.

Tang Chuan quietly listened but couldn’t resist laughing from time to time.

When the recording finished playing, Mrs. Tang glared at her son and said, “Look at how terrifying this woman is. She’s one person in front of you and a completely different person behind your back. She probably plays it well when she’s with you right? Look at how she treats me!”

“Mother, if you think that’s true, then you’re absolutely wrong…”

“Huh?” Mrs. Tang questioned.

“Ning-Ning’s already being nice when she’s talking to you like this… When she’s with me, she’d usually be yelling…” Tang Chuan said.

Mrs. Tang: “…”

“Young master, are you for real? Can you not joke with your mother?” The female butler was obviously in disbelief.

“For real… Mother, you’re very courageous to secretly find Ning-Ning… Hahaha…” Tang Chuan laughed hysterically after recalling the conversation between his mother and Qin Ning.

“I thought she was pregnant!” Mrs. Tang was still very furious.

“Pregnant? I wish. I haven’t even slept with her. How can she be pregnant? If she were pregnant, then that wouldn’t be my child… Are you wishing your son to be a cuckold…”

“What the hell… I just wanted to show you how unmannered this girl was…”

“Says who? Ning-Ning treats everyone well, her friends, her family…”

“Really? I couldn’t tell from her attitude.”

“Mother, I need to criticize you for this. If you wanted to chat, you should treat her well and she’d treat you well. You’re always so vicious. If it were another girl, she’d be running and crying by now. Ning-Ning is courageous enough to go head-to-head with you and even won a small victory. Hahaha…”

“Tang Chuan, are you my son?” Mrs. Tang was furious.

“Do you need to ask me about that? I even hypothesized that you picked up the wrong baby back then in the hospital. That’s why I don’t look like you or father…” Tang Chuan flicked his short hair and pretended to be cool.

The female butler almost laughed out loud from his actions.

“Stop joking, let’s be serious,” Mrs. Tang said furiously.

“I am serious. Mother, I’m telling you, don’t go infuriate Ning-Ning. No good outcome would come out of it.”

“What? You haven’t even married her yet but already forget that I’m your mother? Do you have any conscience in you?” Mrs. Tang was about to be driven nuts by her son.

“Mother, as long as you promise not to pick fights, then I’d have all the conscience in the world,” Tang Chuan asserted while pounding his chest.

“I want you to break up with that woman immediately,” Mrs. Tang demanded.



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