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(The Forgotten Deserted Island (7)

After receiving the call from the hospital, Su Yu couldn’t stay put.

“Pudding, you continue the meal with your sister. I’ve got to go and run an errand.”

Leaving the table, Su Yu hurried out of the house.

Pudding and Little Bean finished the supper and returned to their room.

They missed their mom and were not as vivacious as before.

Mrs. Su brought them lots of fruits, but they were in no mood to eat.

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“Huh?” Pudding turned her head and looked at Little Bean.

“I miss Mommy.”

Pudding was silent.

“Sis, why hasn’t Mommy returned after so long? Dad didn’t call us nor visit us too.”

Oblivious of the truth, Little Bean felt low.

As her elder sister, Pudding was more mature and shouldered more burdens.

She reached out with her chubby hand and touched her younger sister’s head.

“Good girl, Mommy… will come back; Daddy will find her.”

“But I feel uneasy… We’ve been here for days, but Daddy hasn’t come to take us back home, which means he hasn’t found Mommy yet… Huo Siqian is an evil guy; I hate him. He had always wanted Mom. Maybe he has taken Mom to a distant place and won’t let her return.”

As she said the words, Little Bean bit on her lower lip while tears flashed in her eyes.

“It won’t happen. How can Huo Siqian outsmart Dad? Don’t be silly. We must trust him.”

“Okay… Um… I’ll go and take a shower. When I come out, I’ll video chat with Gao Boyuan.”

Taking her sleeping gown, Little Bean entered the bathroom. The maid had drawn a warm bath; when Little Bean went in, the maid followed her to help her with the bath.

Standing alone in front of the window, Pudding looked at the distance, upset.

Lately, Su Yu had left early and come back late each day; whenever Pudding asked him something, he was vague with his answers.

Pudding had heard Professor Luo’s words in the hospital.

It seemed unlikely that their dad would wake up.

With their dad in a coma, it was almost impossible for Su Yu to find their mom all by himself.

It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Su Yu but that she felt uncertain about the result.

The beloved couple was fallen to this state while she and Little Bean had to live with Family Su.

The family Su was nice to the kids, but they still felt uneasy.

After all, this wasn’t their home despite all the comforts here.

“Mom… Dad… Please come back soon. Little Bean and I… can’t continue like this anymore. We really, really miss you,” Pudding said, choking on her words.

When Su Yu arrived at the hospital, Lu Yan and Qiao Fei had left and didn’t leave a clue behind.

When the bodyguards woke up from the drug, they didn’t remember the looks of the young girl who had drugged them.

Su Yu pulled up the surveillance record and was surprised to find that the clip of that period had been removed. They didn’t leave a trace behind.

“Have you checked Qin Chu? Did they do anything to him?” Su Yu looked at the doctor worriedly.

“No. Young Master Su, don’t worry, Mr. Qin’s condition is stable. Maybe those guys didn’t have time to do anything to him.”

“They were really good. They hacked into the army defense system without anyone’s notice and then drugged my bodyguards.”

“It seems they came prepared. We must be more careful,” the doctor said.

“Have you found out the name of the drug they used on my bodyguards?” Su Yu wanted to know what kind of people had broken into the hospital.



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