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(The Forgotten Deserted Island (1)

Xiao Fei nodded and followed Lu Yan to the second floor.

Only after they were on the second floor did Paul dare to stand up.

“Big Brother, who’s that girl? Why are you so afraid of her?” one of his men asked, still a bit unwilling to yield to a little girl.

“You’d better watch your language; if you dare to show any disrespect again, I’ll shoot you myself.” Paul gave the man a hard look.

Those guys turned silent immediately in fear since they knew how vicious Paul was.

“I’ll only say it one time and you’d better remember it well; she’s our… god.”

Then, Paul turned and went upstairs, leaving his men dumbfounded.

Lu Yan had assigned Paul to protect Huo Mian, and he belonged to one of the teams under Lu Yan.

The bar was just a cover as his real job was protecting Huo Mian and her family.

Some of the shadow guards had been sent on missions; some of them were in the hospital protecting Qin Chu.

Some were investigating the whereabouts of Huo Mian, and some were hunting down Huo Siqian’s remaining lackeys.

So, only Paul was left in the bar; the others that couldn’t recognize Lu Yan were just small minions that weren’t worth mentioning.

It was this team that had talked to Lu Yan through her watch and begged for punishment.

Lu Yan’s arrival scared them witless.

They had worked for Lu Yan for years and knew how distressed she was after Huo Mian fell from the cliff due to their incompetence.

Entering Paul’s office, Lu Yan sat on the chair behind the desk; leaning back, she closed her eyes.

Qiao Fei took out a book from the shelf and began to read it calmly on the sofa without saying a word.

The atmosphere was extremely eerie.

Paul entered the room and knelt again before her in guilt.

“Boss, I’m sorry. I was incompetent and didn’t keep Miss Huo safe.”

Lu Yan was silent.

“Boss, please punish me. The men did their best and it was me that got careless. I thought Miss. Huo would be fine with Qin Chu and Su Yu going to the rescue. My men were some distance away from her when she fell and couldn’t reach her in time.”

Lu Yan was still silent.

“Boss, I hope my death can alleviate your fury.”

Then, Paul took out a gun and aimed it at his head…

He placed his finger on the trigger…

Qiao Fei was puzzled, wondering how come Lu Yan didn’t show any response.

He looked up at Lu Yan.

She still looked calm; with her eyes closed, she looked as if she was asleep.

Finally, Paul made the decision and pulled the trigger.

But he didn’t hear the gunshot.

In a surprise, he looked up at his gun and then at Lu Yan in sudden understanding.

Lu Yan opened her eyes slowly and showed him the bullets in her palm.

“Are you looking for them?” Lu Yan asked.

Paul was dumbstruck.

When he knelt downstairs, Lu Yan had walked past him and gone upstairs. It took only a few seconds.

But he didn’t even know when she got these bullets.

His boss’s skills are indeed terrifying…

If she wanted to kill him, she wouldn’t have waited until now, right?

“Boss, I…” Paul began but then stopped.

“My men are not wastrels who only seek death…”

“I failed you, Boss, and Miss Huo.”

“Who said my sister is dead?” Lu Yan gave him a dirty look.

“Boss, do you know the whereabouts of Miss Huo? She’s alive?” Paul was pleasantly surprised.

“I don’t know. But I want you to find a person for me as soon as possible,” ordered Lu Yan.

“Who?” Paul asked in puzzlement.



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