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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (7)

Hearing his words, Qiao Fei, who was standing nearby, froze for a second and then looked at Lu Yan immediately.

He saw her face turn livid…

The guy who gave the report shivered in fear.

“What…did you say?” Lu Yan thought she didn’t hear it right and demanded with clenched teeth.

“Boss, it’s… a report from China… Your sister…fell from the cliff of Yuewang Mountain with Huo Siqian and… died.”

The moment he said it, Lu Yan pointed a silver gun at his head.

“Bullsh*t! I’ll shoot you.” Lu Yan was furious.

“Yan… Calm down. Let’s get the details first. Don’t vent your anger on them…” Qiao Fei reached out to stop her.

“If you say another word, I’ll shoot you, too!” Lu Yan glared at Qiao Fei with crimson eyes.

Qiao Fei knew that only the professor and Huo Mian could make Lu Yan lose her composure.

For Lu Yan, they were her only family in the world.

“It solves nothing even if you shoot us. What is done is done. We’d better get to the bottom of it and see if it’s a conspiracy,” Qiao Fei said reasonably.

“Boss, don’t shoot me. I didn’t do it. I just delivered the news…”

The man was scared witless. When Lu Yan’s men got the news, they were all afraid to report it to her; but if they kept such big news from her, their boss would be even more furious.

After some deliberation, they chose the messenger through rock, paper, and scissors…

This unfortunate guy lost the game and had to deliver the message at the risk of his life.

If not for Qiao Fei, he might have ended up as a corpse.

“Get the wastrels back in China on the phone. I want to know every detail.”

After the first wave of fury passed, Lu Yan ordered him coldly.

“Yes, Boss. I’ll go and contact them.”

At this moment, Lu Yan forgot about the war she was in and tossed the weapon on the ground.

With her long hair blowing in the breeze, she looked at the distance, feeling lost; she wondered what was the purpose of life.

Do people live in the world just to see their losses?

They were born with nothing and then as they grew up, they began to possess things.

Then, they watched as their families, friends, and lovers leave one by one.

This was the cruelest thing that God had arranged for humans, right?

From this perspective, life was just suffering.

Lu Yan didn’t cry because she couldn’t.

If the news about her sister’s death was true, what could she do?

She couldn’t bring her sister back to life.

Lu Yan felt her heart ache so much that it was difficult for her to breathe.

Looking at Lu Yan’s messy hair and disheveled clothes, Qiao Fei felt hurt inside; he reached out, wanting to smooth her long hair…

“Don’t touch me,” Lu Yan said.

Hearing her words, Qiao Fei’s hand froze in midair.

“Don’t touch me. Leave me alone.” When Lu Yan was hurt, she would isolate herself from the world and no one could get close to her, not even Qiao Fei whom she loved.

Seeing her pain, Qiao Fei felt hurt inside even more.

At this moment, Lu Yan’s watch beeped.

She looked down and pressed it; immediately, the image of the caller appeared in the air.

“Boss, we’re sorry. Please punish us.”

“My sister… How did she die?” Lu Yan’s voice was filled with grief.



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