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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (4)

“I can’t say. But I feel… it doesn’t look like her.”

Su Yu had looked at the body carefully.

Its face had been ruined and couldn’t give him any clues, and the length of hair was almost the same as Huo Mian’s.

Bloated by the seawater, the head was now unrecognizable.

The part that was easily recognizable should be her clothes since she had been wearing a white wedding gown when she fell.

But the female body was naked when it was found.

Being in the ocean for a long time, the gown would probably have been ruined by debris and coral, etc.

When he heard that the body was nude when it was found, Tang Chuan was troubled.

If it was indeed Huo Mian, he didn’t want Su Yu to see her like this.

So, Tang Chuan ordered a woman of the rescue team to put a hospital gown on the body.

Since they couldn’t recognize the body with clothes, the only thing they could do was a DNA test.

They only needed to take Pudding or Little Bean’s hair and compare its DNA with the body’s.

Coming out of the room, Su Yu felt low.

“How about a drink?” Tang Chuan asked.

“It’s fine. I must go home now; the kids are waiting for me.”

“You… will really raise them?” Tang Chuan asked suddenly.

Su Yu’s heart ached but he didn’t reply.

On his way back, Su Yu received Zhixin’s call.

Huo Mian’s mother had been feeling uneasy since she couldn’t reach her daughter; so, Zhixin had to call Gao Ran, Zhu Lingling, Wei Liao, and Jiang Xiaowei for information, but none of them told him about Huo Mian’s whereabouts.

Finally, when Zhixin asked where the kids were, Gao Ran told him that they were in Su Yu’s home.

So, Zhixin called Su Yu.

“I can’t explain it over the phone. Let’s talk face-to-face.”

Su Yu decided to tell Zhixin the truth since he was, after all, Huo Mian’s little brother.

If Huo Mian was indeed dead, then someone needed to take over Qin Chu’s company and take care of Huo Mian’s mother.

In the café near Chunxi Road, Zhixin arrived five minutes earlier than Su Yu.

When Su Yu walked in, Zhixin stood up politely and greeted him, “Big Brother Su Yu.”

“Have a seat.”

Su Yu gestured Zhixin to sit down.

“I got Americano for you since I heard you don’t like sugar in your coffee.”

“Who told you that?” Su Yu was surprised.

Few people knew about this small habit of his.

“My sister.”

“Your sister?” Su Yu froze.

“Yeah. When I chatted with my sister over a meal, she mentioned that you don’t like sugar in your coffee and that Americano is as bitter as herbal medicine. I remember I joked that maybe you had a problem with your taste buds, and my sister defended you saying that all the people who liked Americano could withstand hardships. She said you’re not a wastrel or a rich son who knew nothing but merry-making and pursuing girls; she said you were a hero when you were in the army. Anyway, she scolded me for what I said.” Zhixin smiled.

“So that’s how she speaks about me…” Su Yu was touched.

“Yeah. Even though you’re not together with her, she has taken you as one of her important friends and would defend you. After all, she likes to defend the people around her.”

The more Zhixin talked, the more Su Yu wanted to cry.

Picking up the cup of black and rich Americano, he took a big swallow.

A rich taste of bitterness immediately spread out on his tongue.

“Big Brother Su Yu, where is my sister? How come I can’t reach her? She didn’t answer my calls, and my brother-in-law didn’t too.” Zhixin finally went to the point.



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