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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan 1(3)

“That’s correct. He can’t go on for much longer in this condition. After his liver deteriorates, there will be no way for him to recover.”

“Then there’s nothing else that can be done?”

“There is. There are two ways to save him.”

As Professor Luo finished saying this and before Su Yu could reply, Pudding suddenly stood up.

For the first time, she felt rude for interrupting adults while they were talking.

“Professor… what it is that can be done to save my daddy?”

Professor Luo looked over at Pudding with a bit of surprise.

“Is this Huo Mian’s child?” he asked.

Since he knew that the patient was Huo Mian’s husband, he figured out who the child was as soon as he heard her call Qin Chu her daddy.

“Uh-huh, she’s one of her twin daughters,” Su Yu said.

Professor Luo looked at Pudding tenderly.

Professor Luo nodded and continued what he was saying. “In the first instance, if the patient’s own consciousness is very strong and they have a strong will to survive, then maybe he can wake up. After he wakes up, then everything else would be easy to handle.”

“Then… what about the second instance?” Su Yu asked.

“In the second instance which, to be candid, is a more remote possibility, a more skilled doctor could be found who is willing to excise the necrotic part of his liver for him while he is in a coma. It’s not a very difficult surgery, but the risk lies in that if the patient does not regain consciousness, he will remain in a vegetative state. At that time, the liver may continue to deteriorate… unless the doctor who performs the surgery can find a way to remove the toxins from his body. After the removal, the liver will no longer be necrotic. Another possibility is that even if you find this doctor, and he operates on Qin Chu and does detoxification for him but Qin Chu still does not want to regain consciousness, then it will be the same result. People in a vegetative state can live for eight to ten years. In any case, all we can do is try our best but also be prepared for the worst.”

Professor Luo’s explanation was somewhat complicated, but everyone understood.

After hearing this, Jiang Xiaowei hugged Pudding and began to sob in a low voice…

“How could this be? What will happen to Pudding and Little Bean?” Jiang Xiaowei was going crazy.

The news of Huo Mian’s death had been a painful blow to their friends.

Now Qin Chu’s situation was even more concerning…

Zhu Lingling couldn’t really speak at home because of her throat. Her oral cavity was full of mouth ulcers, and everything hurt.

Even drinking water was very painful.

Originally, she wanted to come to the hospital with Gao Ran that day. However, when Gao Ran saw her like this, he felt that it would be better if she didn’t since coming would only make her sadder and angrier.

Sure enough, after Professor Luo had finished speaking, everyone was in a bad state.

These past few days, Su Yu’s mood could only be described as explosive, but he didn’t even have the energy to yell at anyone anymore.

“Professor, could you possibly perform the surgery?”

“I’m sorry, Yu, I can’t… It’s not that I don’t want to or that I’m not willing to help, it’s that I am not confident enough…” Professor Luo slowly said.

“If even you aren’t confident enough to do the surgery, then I don’t think any doctor in China would be willing.” Su Yu felt almost hopeless.

“My suggestion is that you can try to contact a liver specialist in the United States, as well as a Ph.D. In pharmaceutics, first, do detoxification, and then do the surgery. Didn’t Qin Chu study at Harvard Medical School? I think you can try to contact his school and find a mentor of his or some of his classmates. Maybe… there is still hope.”

“Well, I guess that’s all we can do. Thank you, Professor.” Su Yu looked downcast.

“You’re welcome, I didn’t do much. By the way, about Huo Mian… have you found her? Has there been any news?” When Professor Luo heard that Huo Mian had disappeared, he was also very worried about her.



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