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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (6)

Fortunately, the driver in the other car braked in time and stopped the car

“Moron! Didn’t you see the red light? Do you want to die?” The driver stuck out his head from the window and railed at Zhixin.

But Zhixin didn’t care and wasn’t in the mood to respond.

Afraid his mother would see something on his face, he didn’t dare to go home.

Instead, he went to Bella’s place.

Hearing the knocking, Bella opened the door and saw Zhixin standing there in tears.

“My goodness! What happened?”

Zhixin held tightly to Bella and cried like a baby.

Having never seen him like this before, Bella was terrified.

“Zhixin, don’t cry. What happened? Tell me… Don’t scare me…”

Bella lost her usual composure…

“Bella… my sister… is dead.”

Zhixin lifted his head abruptly; looking at Bella, he forced out these words.

“What?” Bella was stupefied.

“My sister… is dead,” Zhixin repeated.

“Zhixin, don’t joke; it’s not funny, and my heart is not good.”

As an employee of the company, Bella hadn’t heard anything about Huo Mian’s kidnapping and her falling from the cliff.

When Zhixin told her the news, she felt as if she was in a dream.

“The big evil guy Huo Siqian kidnapped my sister and dragged her down the cliff with him… It was a high cliff over the surging ocean. My sister is fragile and can’t survive that… Bella, what should I do? I can’t lose her… I grew up with her and have never imagined that she would leave me so soon… I used to joke with her and tell her that I’d take care of her when she’s old…”

Not caring how messy he looked, Zhixin cried like a baby.

“Zhixin, where did you get the news? Are you sure it’s true?” Bella tried to remain calm.

“It’s true; Brother Su Yu likes my sister so much; he wouldn’t joke about it.”

“So Su Yu told you that…” Hearing the source of the news, Bella’s heart sank as well.

“Don’t stand here. Come in…”

Bella pulled open the door and led Zhixin into the room.

“Do you have wine or something? I feel so grieved… I want to get drunk.”

“I don’t think drinking can solve the problem, Zhixin. Where’s Qin Chu? After such an important thing happened, what did Qin Chu say about it?” Bella asked.

“My brother-in-law is in a coma in the Army Hospital.”

“One disaster after another…” Bella’s eyes were full of grief.

“I don’t know what our life will be without my sister… What shall my Mom and I do? We’ll spend the rest of our lives missing her. And Pudding and Little Bean are not four years old yet; what will become of them without their mother?”

“Yeah. The kids will suffer the most. Where are they now? Is anyone taking care of them? They can stay with me,” Bella said.

“They are in Su Yu’s home. I heard my brother-in-law sent them there before the accident.”

“President Qin is wise and can think of everything… I hope he’ll wake up soon… But they haven’t found President Huo’s body, right? I think we still have a glimmer of hope… Maybe she’s not dead and has been rescued by some nearby fishermen; she might have just lost her memory…” Bella hoped.

“Don’t be silly… Bella, even a guy as simple as I don’t believe that,” Zhixin replied hoarsely.

Then, they fell silent.

– In a war-ridden oil-producing country in the Middle East –

“Boss… Urgent report.”

“I hope so, or I’ll toss you into the ocean and feed the sharks,” Lu Yan said in a huff.

“Your elder sister…”

“You got news about my sister?” Lu Yan was a bit excited.

“Your sister is already… dead,” not daring to look Lu Yan in the eye, the guy said cautiously with his head lowered.




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