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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (18)

“What are you doing?”

Seeing Lu Yan was about to make a move, Qiao Fei was exasperated and caught Lu Yan’s hand, which had moved to the back of her waist.

The others thought it was a loving gesture between low young lovers.

“I…” Before she could reply, the fans’ enthusiastic shouts swallowed them.

Qiao Fei held her hand and pulled her out of the crowd.

“You are mistaken… She’s not a celebrity,” Qiao Fei explained.

“I don’t believe it!”

“Yeah. Beautiful girl, take off your glasses and show your face.”

“Your skin is impeccable. What make-up do you use? Please tell us.”

“Your latest movie is awesome. I went to the movie theater three times for it with my boyfriend.”

“Beauty, can you post more selfies on your Weibo account?”

“Didn’t you say you were single? Is the guy wearing matching clothes your boyfriend?”

“Is he your agent?”

Overwhelmed by the fans’ yells, Lu Yan felt as if her head would explode.

If they were not in the airport, she swore she’d detonate a pile of bombs and explode all these maniac fans.

At this moment, a young female movie star walked out from another VIP aisle.

With her agent and assistant carrying her bags and walking in the front, she had bodyguards flanking her. It was a grand sight.

“Huh? It seems we got the wrong person… She’s the one we want…” one of the fans said.

Then all the fans instantly moved away and swarmed up to the movie star with flowers, presents, and yells…

Lu Yan had flown around the world since she was little but had seen no fans act like this even when big Hollywood stars walked on the streets.

The fans in the country showed too much enthusiasm for entertainment celebrities.

In contrast, Lu Yan lived with danger all her life and had never crossed paths with any celebrities.

After all, they were people of different worlds.

“Fu*k… I almost killed them all.”

Seeing the fans walk away, Lu Yan finally calmed down.

She pushed an LV traveling purse of the latest fashion into Qiao Fei’s hand.

“You overreacted. They were just a bunch of young fans.” Qiao Fei chuckled, thinking the incident ridiculous and funny.

“It happened suddenly. How could I know if there wasn’t some killer among them trying to kill me?”

“Yeah. It’s good to keep up your guard. But I think it was our casual clothes that had caused the misunderstanding. No one would make the mistake if you wore your black windbreaker.”

“Fu*k… It’s summer and you want me to wear the windbreaker? Do you want to kill me with heat and inherit my great fortune?”

Qiao Fei: “…”

“Your majesty, you’re overthinking… I wanted to say that most killers like to wear black clothes; they don’t like wearing short-sleeved clothes which expose their skin,” Qiao Fei explained.

Lu Yan put a stick of chewing gum into her mouth and chewed on it. Blowing out a bubble, she replied, “That’s because they are afraid that they will get wounded and be discovered by their enemies; they’d lose like that.”

“Then why don’t you play by the rules?” Qiao Fei looked at Lu Yan in puzzlement.

“Because I won’t be wounded. Anyone who can wound me will kill me. Even if I wore a winter jacket, I would still die.”

Hearing her words, Qiao Fei replied after a few seconds’ silence, “You’re indeed the most arrogant assassin in the history.”

“Wrong. I’m never an assassin; I’m a true mercenary.” Lu Yan smiled smugly.

“Good. Your Majesty Mercenary, what do we do now?”

“We are going to kill some people…” Tossing these words over her shoulder, Lu Yan strode forward and Qiao Fei followed her closely.



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