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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (15)

“Uh… are you getting ready to put him away?” Shen Mingxi was slightly startled.


After Su Yu replied, Shen Mingxi became even more confused.

“Huo Siqian kidnapped Huo Mian, then jumped to his death,” Su Yu said simply.

Shen Mingxi: “…”

Shen Mingxi’s expression showed that he was completely at a loss.

The weight of these two phrases was too much for him to process.

Thus, Shen Mingxi had no time to digest it all.

“What does that expression on your face mean?” Su Yu looked at Shen Mingxi with a puzzled look.

“Young Master Su, please…” It was obvious that Shen Mingxi didn’t believe him.

“Does it look like I would take Huo Mian’s life so lightly?” Su Yu stared at her.

“Then… something really has happened to Huo Mian?”

“Uh-huh,” Su Yu replied in a sullen tone.

“Why have I not caught any wind of this?” Shen Mingxi was flabbergasted.

“I had the incident covered up. How would you have caught wind of it?”

“So that’s what happened… then… being that Huo Siqian is gone, why do you want all these documents?”

“I have my reasons.” Su Yu was clearly unwilling to say anymore.

“Alright. I’ll give them to you right now.”

Shen Mingxi was easy to convince. He directly opened the safe in the office with a series of passwords, and then took out a thick stack of files.

“Everything I summoned up is all right here, Huo Yanyan probably still has some more. But she is a little bit manic right now. Her mood is not very stable, so I don’t know if she will tell me.”

“Why don’t you ask her and see. The more the better. I want to make sure the Huo Family disappears entirely from this city,” Su Yu said furiously.

“Uh-huh, that would be best… a man like Huo Siqian is better off dead.”

Seeing that Su Yu did not speak, Shen Mingxi added, “But it’s a pity about Huo Mian.”

Su Yu’s eyes darkened and he seemed to be even more depressed.

“Qin Chu must be even more upset, no?” Shen Mingxi asked.

“Qin Chu… never mind, I’ll tell you when there’s more time. Right now, I have something more important to attend to.”

“Okay, then you go ahead. If you need anything else, just let me know.”

“Uh-huh.” Su Yu nodded and prepared to leave.

He glanced at Huo Yanyan’s daughter, Tiantian, and he asked Shen Mingxi.

“If Huo Yanyan stays crazy forever, are you really planning to bring this child into your home and raise it?”

“I haven’t thought that far ahead… but for the time being, I can’t just neglect her. Tiantian is innocent,” Shen Mingxi said as he looked compassionately at Tiantian.

“Then what will happen afterward? You won’t re-marry?”

“People like us, whether they have one child or ten, will always find a woman willing to marry them, no?” Shen Mingxi joked.

“That depends I guess. If you still want to be with Wei Ying, then maybe not.”

Su Yu’s words sent a shudder through Shen Mingxi’s heart.

He was right. It seemed that any woman would probably accept Tiantian, with the exception of Wei Ying.

The animosity between Wei Ying and Huo Yanyan was irreconcilable, and up until now, it was still just as strong.

If he still wanted to be with Wei Ying, then the child would indeed be the biggest obstacle.

“Something happening between me and Wei Ying is impossible, right?” Shen Mingxi laughed at himself with resignation.

He knew that what he had done before had made Wei Ying sad.

“Don’t knock yourself down. I can tell you are still interested in her,” Su Yu said.

“But now the Ye family’s kid is hanging around her…”

“Is that kid from the Ye Family your opponent? Shen Mingxi, look at you right now. How could you still have no confidence?” Su Yu asked with a bit of irritation.



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