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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (10)

“Handsome Su, over here.” Tang Chuan was there even earlier than Su Yu.

“Did you not sleep last night?” seeing that Tang Chuan had darker bags under his eyes, Su Yu asked.

“Don’t even ask, it was the first time that little young madam stayed overnight in my room, and she was crying the whole night… She used up bunches of tissue paper, and sobbed all over two of my Armani shirts until they were soaking wet, and then finally slept. But even then, she was still having nightmares. Since I was watching over her to make sure she slept well, I didn’t get much sleep myself.”

“When did you become ‘The Model Boyfriend of China’?” Su Yu said as he looked at Tang Chuan.

“Wrong, I’m ‘The Fiance of China’. Oh, that’s right. Su Yu, did you bring Pudding’s hair?”

“I did.” Su Yu took out a white paper bag. Inside was Pudding’s hair.

“To be frank, I don’t understand. I wanted to ask you yesterday… Isn’t Mian pregnant? Couldn’t you just look directly at the corpse and tell if it was pregnant or not?” Tang Chuan was confused.

“Uneducated beast… absolutely terrifying.”

Tang Chuan: “…”

“Come over here, Handsome is going to teach you a lesson today. First, if the female body happens to be a pregnant woman too, are you able to confirm that the identity of the pregnant woman is Huo Mian? Isn’t that too little information? Only a comparison of DNA will allow the police to recognize the true identity of the body. There’s nothing supernatural involved. You can’t just make that person into the one you think it is by saying it is.”

Tang Chuan: “Uh…”

“Secondly, Mian fell from such a high place and if she was soaked in the sea for so long, then a miscarriage is very likely, so I can’t be sure that she would still be pregnant. What can you check? And even if you check it and see that she’s still pregnant, you still can’t verify her identity… It will just be a waste of time.”

Tang Chuan: “Makes sense.”

“Fortunately, it was me that told you this. If you asked Gao Ran, he would probably laugh at you… If all of the police were like you, then you would all be laid off.”

“Uh… alright then. Let’s hurry over then.”

Tang Chuan looked awkward, and he decided not to debate with Su Yu. The two walked over and handed the hair over to the inspector.

– After half an hour –

“Young Master Su…”

“Have the results come out yet?” Su Yu asked nervously.

“Yes, it has been confirmed with certainty that the corpse does not belong to Miss Huo Mian.”

“That’s good then.” When he heard this, Su Yu let out a long sigh of relief.

The big stones weighing on his heart had finally been lifted.

“This is actually good news for us…” Tang Chuan was also a little happy.

“Continue with the search and rescue team, expand the search area,” Su Yu said to Tang Chuan.


“And you, are you heading to your office?” It occurred to Tang Chuan that since the incident, Su Yu hadn’t gone to Imperial Star yet.

“I am going to the Military District Hospital. The experts from Jing City have already come. I will give Qin Chu a consultation today.”

“Handsome Su, you really are ‘China’s Rival of Love’.”


“Okay, well, you’ve been delayed, so you should hurry over. Right, Wei Liao may head over in a bit. I heard that Xiaowei is also seriously ill. She has a high fever that won’t break.”

“Okay then.”

Su Yu then drove directly to the Military District Hospital.

He was already on the road when he remembered that he was supposed to bring Pudding, so he called her on his phone.

The Su Family’s driver drove her over to the place where Su Yu was parked.

Then, the two of them went to the Military District Hospital together.

“Pudding, we’re going to see Daddy soon, don’t cry…”

“I know.”

“Today, Uncle Su invited a bunch of amazing doctors to help us take a look at your dad. I’m sure he will wake up in no time.”

“Don’t lie to me, I know. There’s a chance he might not wake up,” Pudding said.

“Who told you this nonsense?” Su Yu slightly raised his eyebrows.



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