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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (9)

“Are you still unable to get in touch with Huo?” Ian asked.


‘What about our men over there?”

“We haven’t gotten any news from any of them yet,” the subordinate replied.

“Very good, it seems as though everyone has been taken out. To know what has happened, it looks like the only way is to go there and see,” Ian said with a smile and stood up.

– Late Night, Su Yu’s Villa –

After Mrs. Su and the nanny gave the two children a bath and changed their clothes, they brought them back to their room.

Su Yu brought over a couple of electronic tablets so that he could play games with the twins.

In the end, because Little Bean was too tired, she passed right out.

Pudding, on the other hand, was sitting quietly on the bed.

She was wearing a set of pink pajamas.

“Pudding, you’re not asleep yet?”

“Handsome Su… did you say that my mommy is still coming back?”

Even though Pudding was very precocious, at this moment, she was just a poor child who had lost her mother.

When she asked Su Yu this, his nose began to well up.

“Yes, I think she’ll come back for sure. She loves both of you so much, she would never leave you, right?”

“Uh-huh, I think she’ll come back, too… she told me before, she wants to watch us grow up, and one day get married. She said that when Little Bean and I get married, she and Daddy would cry their eyes out. She also said that Handsome Su would cry too.”

Su Yu: “…”

“She was actually talking about me like this behind my back?” Although Su Yu pretended to be very angry, in fact, his heart was particularly sad.

“Yup, Mommy said that Handsome Su cares about us so much that you’ve always treated us like your own daughters.”

“So she’s held me in such high regard.” Su Yu pursed his lips.

“It’s already late. You should go to sleep, Pudding.”

“Handsome Su, tomorrow I want to go and see Daddy.”

“He hasn’t woken up yet,” Su Yu said.

“I know, I won’t disturb him, I just want to see him. Just a quick look, that’s all. At least I’ll know he’s still there and he hasn’t abandoned us…”

“Then what’s Little Bean going to do?” Su Yu was afraid Little Bean would find out.

“Here’s an idea, Grandma Su can take her out to eat dessert, and while they’re out I’ll go with you in your car.”

“Well… let’s see what happens tomorrow. What you need to do right now is sleep. If not, you won’t look pretty.”


“Goodnight my little Pudding.”

“Goodnight, Handsome Su.”

Su Yu gently kissed Pudding on her head, like a father doting on his child.

After seeing the twins off to bed, Su Yu couldn’t sleep himself.

Going over the bits and pieces of his relationship with Huo Mian, the past few days felt like just like a movie.

Those fragments were constantly reappearing in his mind and couldn’t be erased.

Su Yu laid in bed, took out his cell phone, and looked at a picture from the photo album of Huo Mian from a long time ago.

That was when Huo Mian was a doctor at South Side, wearing a white coat with black glasses.

Of course, she was dressed very old-fashionedly, but she always had a spark in her eyes.

Once people fell for her, they would never let go.

“Doctor Huo, are you afraid that I will keep pursuing you, and you’ll feel bad if you reject me? And if you accept me, Qin Chu will be sad, so you just ran away and hide. If you come back, I won’t pursue you. Even if I just turn gay, I will not bother you anymore, or make things complicated or troublesome for you or your family. As long as you are alive… just come back… I’ll do anything, absolutely anything…”

Su Yu’s voice was getting quieter and quieter…

The next morning, he took a strand of hair that he had carefully taken from Pudding’s head the night before and planned to have it compared with the DNA of the unknown female corpse.



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