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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (8)

“Young Madam, she…” The people there seemed to be very afraid of Lu Yan and stammered as they spoke.

“Young Madam was kidnapped by Huo Siqian and was taken to Yuewang Mountain. Then Qin Chu, your brother-in-law, immediately brought people over to rescue her. At that time, we also went over so that we could help when the time came. But no one anticipated that Huo Siqian would do something so extreme and choose to hold Huo Mian in his arms while he jumped off the cliff…”

“Did he actually jump?” Lu Yan obviously didn’t believe it.

“It’s true, several people saw it with their own eyes. Your brother-in-law was standing the closest, he must have seen everything.”

“Where is he right now?”

“Right now he is at the Military District Hospital being treated. He is unconscious.”

“Unconscious? What do you mean?” Lu Yan’s face dropped.

“When Young Madam went over the cliff, Mr. Qin Chu began to spit blood and he fainted. I suppose it was too much for him to handle.”

Qiao Fei was standing behind Lu Yan. He only listened, but he felt heartstricken. Lu Yan’s mood was even worse.

“Have you seen the area over the cliff? Is there a cave underneath that can hide people? Huo Siqian is very cunning… I don’t believe he would dig his own grave.”

Lu Yan had seen a lot, and she didn’t believe that it was as simple as him jumping off the cliff.

“We checked, Boss. Below is the cliff, nothing has been touched by hands or feet… there are no suspicious caves nearby either.”

After hearing this, Lu Yan’s heart sank again.

“Boss, I’m sorry. We have been shouldering the task of protecting Young Madam’s family, but unfortunately, we weren’t careful enough. If you want to punish us, we have no complaints.”

The man lowered his head and expressed his regrets to Lu Yan over the long-range phone.

But Lu Yan was still in no mood to talk to him about punishment.

Put simply, she felt like her heart had been stepped on by ten thousand alpacas…

She wanted to scream at someone, but the curse words wouldn’t come out of her mouth.

Lu Yan immediately pressed on her watch and ended the call.

“Yan…” Qiao Fei wanted to say something to console her.

“Psycho Qiao, say… if Dad finds out that my sister is dead, he will be just as destroyed as I am, right?”

“This incident… it happened so suddenly, I don’t think we can draw any conclusions too early. Is it better to go back to China and see for ourselves?” Qiao Fei said.

“Didn’t you say going back wouldn’t be the right thing to do?” Lu Yan looked at him with a bit of a surprise.

“This time is different. Something has happened to your sister. We ought to go back and see what’s happening.”

Qiao Fei was a man with simple principles. He wasn’t interested in unnecessary niceties, but he believed very strongly in coming to people’s aid when they needed it.

When Qiao Fei had been shot before, he required a very complicated surgery, but Qin Chu personally flew to Russia to do it.

Now, with what happened to Huo Mian, Qin Chu in a coma, and a pair of cute babies at home, no one could just stand back and do nothing.

What was more, Lu Yan was also the twins’ aunt.

“Yes, let’s go back immediately.”

Because something had happened to Huo Mian, Lu Yan stopped fighting in the oil country.

Because she did not complete her task, she was also fined double the client’s commission.

For Lu Yan, she had always regarded money as her life. This time, she was willing to throw caution to the wind.

Lu Yan’s sudden withdrawal also alerted Ian, who was far away from Israel.

“Lu Yan left the field and also took the initiative to pay the employer double commission? This is very embarrassing… I have known her for so many years, she’s not the kind of person who doesn’t love money,” Ian said in fluent English as he rubbed his temples and narrowed his eyes.

“Maybe it’s something urgent?”

“After she left there, do you know where she went?” Ian asked.

“I couldn’t trace her, there is an anti-tracking and positioning radar on the plane she is riding, so we can’t find her location.”

“Hehe, this is very interesting. Playing hide and seek with me again?” Ian smiled his +usual creepy smile.



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