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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (11)

“Do I still need to hear it from some people? If my daddy’s condition wasn’t serious, then you wouldn’t need to call in an expert from Jing City,” Pudding said.

Su Yu didn’t know what to say.

“For you to be able to transfer someone from the military hospitals in Jing City, it means that my dad’s condition is very bad.”

Su Yu: “It’s not like that, Pudding. Let me explain.”

Pudding: “Handsome Su, you just don’t want me to be so sad. I understand everything, it’s okay. It’s really okay. I’ve already considered the worst scenario already.”

Su Yu’s heart ached for a moment, then he reached out and touched Pudding’s head.

“Then do you trust Handsome Su?”

“Of course,” Pudding said as she nodded.

“Do you believe in your daddy?” Su Yu asked.

“Of course.”

“That’s good then. You have to believe that your daddy will be just fine, and your mommy, too.”

“Okay then… I know you’re just trying to make me feel better, but it’s always better to think this way.”

With this, Su Yu took Pudding by the hand and the two of them walked towards the hospital.

When they arrived, Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao were already there

Gao Ran had come as well…

“Su Yu, that female corpse…” Gao Ran wanted to ask Su Yu about what happened when he went to identify the body that the search and rescue team had found.

But when he saw that Pudding was at his side, Gao Ran stopped and didn’t finish his sentence.

Su Yu gave Gao Ran a look, and he immediately changed topics. He said, “The experts are already inside doing their examination. All we can do is wait for the results.”

“Uh-huh. We’ll just wait patiently then.” Holding Pudding, Su Yu walked over and sat on the bench by the entrance.

“Pudding… why don’t you go with Auntie to our house and stay with us for a few days, okay? Yunchu keeps on asking about you.” When Jiang Xiaowei saw Pudding, she squatted down and pinched her little hands indulgently as he spoke.

Seeing that Jiang Xiaowei’s eyes were red and swollen, it was obvious that she had been crying a lot already.

In addition, it was said that because she had a persistent fever; Wei Liao had brought her to the Army Hospital so that she could also see a doctor.

“It’s okay, Auntie Xiaowei. My sister and I are doing just fine at Handsome Su’s house.”

“Then Auntie will come over in a few days to pick you up for an outing.” Jiang Xiaowei was always thinking of ways to do little things for the children.

If Huo Mian was really dead, then these two poor kids would become motherless.

“Okay… if we want to go out, we’ll call Auntie Xiaowei and you can take Yunchu along as well,” Pudding offered.

With tears in her eyes, Jiang Xiaowei nodded.

Rather than saying that Jiang Xiaowei was comforting Pudding, it would be better to say that Pudding was comforting her instead. Actually, given the child’s current state of mind, how would she be in the mood to go out?

But if she refused, then wouldn’t the adults worry?

So to make Jiang Xiaowei feel better, Pudding said this without actually meaning it.

Taking advantage of the conversation between Jiang Xiaowei and Pudding, Gao Ran pulled Su Yu off to the side.

The two of them and Wei Liao began to discuss in low voices.

“What happened with identifying the corpse?” Gao Ran asked.

“The results are out. It’s not Mian,” Su Yu said.

“That’s great then…” Gao Ran and Wei Liao let out a sigh of relief.

“Old Wei… about what happened that day…” Su Yu looked at Wei Liao with a bit of embarrassment and wanted to apologize for being so impulsive.

They had been bros for so many years, but they had never had such a big dispute.

“It was nothing, don’t even mention it. The thing now is… what should we do? Do you want to continue to interrogate Huo Siqian’s minions for answers, and maybe see if their boss has any other plans? I’ve always thought that he’s not the type of guy to kill himself and Huo Mian together just like that,” Wei Liao said.



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