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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (5)

“Something… happened to your sister.”

“What happened?” Hearing those words, Zhixin tensed up immediately.

“It’s a… long story. Let me explain.”

Then Su Yu told him everything that had happened.

When he finished, he saw Zhixin’s face was covered in tears.

“Big Brother Su Yu, my sister is… really dead?” Zhixin choked out the words.

“We are not sure. We’re still searching…”

“How can anyone survive after falling down from that place? You all think my sister is dead, don’t you?” Zhixin wept uncontrollably.

“No. Miracles might happen.”

“How can it be? Life is not a drama and doesn’t have so many miracles. No wonder my mom is feeling uneasy; it seems the mother and the daughter have a special connection between them… If she knows my sister’s dead, how can she live?” Zhixin didn’t dare to imagine what would happen to his mother if she knew about Huo Mian’s death.

“For now, you’d better not tell her. She’s old and can’t take the blow.”

Su Yu had instructed everyone not to tell Qin Chu’s parents what had happened to Huo Mian; after all, the old couple was fragile.

“Is Qin Chu still in the Army Hospital?”

“Yes.” Su Yu nodded.

“Did the doctors say when he would wake up?”

“Not yet.”

“Will he sleep on like this?” Zhixin asked.

Su Yu couldn’t answer because he didn’t know. He had done his best.

“We have to wait for the opinion of the specialists from Jing City… I’ve made the arrangement for a consultation of specialists on him.”

“How about the company? Damn it! I just don’t want to go to work now… Life is such a mess…”

Lowering his head, Zhixin wept and said in resentment.

“I was about to talk to you about the company. Now that Qin Chu is not available, you must take over the company. Yang and the assistant named Bella are both elites of the company and will help you. You must keep the company going since your brother-in-law had worked hard for it… You can’t just give it up… If he wakes up, how would he feel if the company is in a mess?”

“My brother-in-law might wake up. But without my sister, he will feel worse if he wakes up.”

Zhixin understood Qin Chu more than Su Yu had imagined.

Su Yu didn’t know what more to say to this young man.

“Big Brother Su Yu, Big Brother Gao Ran told me that my two nieces are at your home.”

“Yes, they are.”

“Please take good care of them…”

“I will.” Su Yu gave him the solemn promise.

In fact, even if Qin Chu didn’t leave the message to him to take care of the twins, he would’ve done it anyway.

“Good. Good…” Zhixin nodded repeatedly with tears in his eyes.

“Then… Big Brother Su Yu, I won’t take more of your time. If my brother-in-law wakes up, please call me immediately.”


Su Yu watched as Zhixin walked out of the café with his head lowered.

The moment he walked out of the door, Zhixin collapsed and bawled.

He continued crying until he got into the car and started driving.

In a daze, he even ran a red light.

He had only one thought on his mind: his sister was dead; his beloved sister who had loved him all his life had left them and gone to another world.

Zhixin was simple-minded and didn’t hold a glimmer of hope as Su Yu did.

He was in such grief and pain that he didn’t react fast enough to turn his steering wheel when a car ran to him from the opposite direction…



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