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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (12)

“Old Wei is right. I want in on this as well. Gao Ran, why don’t I leave this with you? Huo Siqian’s business isn’t exactly legal. Before, we were able to collect a lot of information about criminal activity. Young Master Shen has a lot of information as well. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity to first seal off the Huo Corporation, then bring some guys over to just march right in and make arrests.”

“And after the arrests?” Gao Ran asked.

“You could even extract confessions through torture. Whatever you want. See if you can get them to admit to anything. Didn’t Ah-Cheng mention something to Qin Chu about a small isle before?”

“But Ah-Cheng has already vanished without a trace. Ever since Qin Chu’s accident, Ah-Cheng basically went missing, and we don’t even know if he had run off or had been killed by one of Huo Siqian’s men.”

“Let’s not think about Ah-Cheng for the time being. Aside from him, Huo Siqian still has other guys working for him. Let’s get them all and not let a single valuable clue slide.”

“Okay, then I understand. I will deploy people for the arrests, and you will bring the criminal evidence from Huo Siqian back to me.”

“No problem.”

Su Yu nodded. The three of them were chatting when the hospital ward door opened. Su Yu quickly walked over.

He saw Professor Luo, who had come over from Jing City.

Professor Luo was no stranger to everyone. He was a famous professor in Jing City, and he had invited Huo Mian to go there several times, and Huo Mian always refused.

But nominally, he was also Huo Mian’s teacher. Because of his efforts, Huo Mian had won many awards and was even given an exceptional promotion.

Professor Luo was getting old, and he had already reached the age of retirement.

But because of his exquisite medical skills, the Jing City’s military hospital had been reluctant to let him go.

In addition, Elder Luo and Su Yu’s grandfather had always had a deep friendship. Thus, as long as it was Su Yu who asked for a favor, he immediately obliged.

“Professor Luo, how is my friend doing?” Su Yu asked anxiously.

This was the first time Su Yu openly admitted that Qin Chu was his friend.

Truthfully, when Su Yu said this, even Gao Ran’s heart warmed when he heard it.

“Yu… your friend’s condition… is not looking too good.” Professor Luo let out a sigh.

When Su Yu heard this, his heart seized.

Everyone else also became nervous, and Jiang Xiaowei clearly felt as she held Pudding’s little hand that it had gradually become cold.

“Professor… what is going on, can you tell me in detail?” Su Yu began to panic.

It was because he knew that if even Professor Luo could do nothing, then basically there was nothing else that could be done.

“Currently, he is unconscious and in a deep coma… his vital signs are very weak… There are two especially important points. First, the patient himself has no desire to wake up. That is, the patient has given up on himself. Second, there are toxins in the patient’s body that have been accumulating over an extended period of time from long-term pharmaceutic use. It’s from an anti-psychotic drug that inhibits the cerebral cortex. The drug is somewhat poisonous and his liver has begun to appear damaged.”

“Then… what will happen in the end?” Su Yu wanted to ask about the worst possible result.

Pudding looked at the old man and Su Yu standing before him who were engaged in a heart-wrenching conversation.

Professor Luo looked down at Qin Chu to check his physical stats and looked at Su Yu.

He replied slowly, “To tell the truth, if this continues… maybe in less than a year, the patient will basically die. If the liver weren’t damaged, he could maybe survive for three or five years in a vegetative state, possibly even eight or ten years. But now that he is in a coma, the necrosis of the liver is accelerated, which will only lead to death faster.”

“Death?” Su Yu took in a cold breath.



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