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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (2)

“Yes, I will.” Su Yu knew that this kid had now become very insecure.

With her parents both in trouble, she was afraid Su Yu would go and never come back.

Su Yu seldom stayed the night here, but hearing Pudding’s request, he agreed without hesitation.

“Okay. We’ll wait for you.” Pudding looked at Su Yu in satisfaction.

“He only listens to you, my girl… He doesn’t stay for the night here even for me, his own mother.” Mrs. Su looked at Pudding with a smile.

“Sure. Handsome Su will do anything my sister asks,” Little Bean boasted.

“You two behave yourselves. After supper, you must go to bed after watching some TV. Do you hear me?” Su Yu instructed them.

“Got it. Don’t come back late. If I’m still up when you return, I hope you will bring me some pineapple buns for my late-night snack,” Little Bean said with a smile.

“No problem, little eating machine.”

It seemed that Pudding was right, and they couldn’t let Little Bean know the truth.

With a personality totally different from Pudding’s, Little Bean wouldn’t be able to handle it if she knew the truth.

She wouldn’t be as calm as Pudding.

After Su Yu left, Pudding ate a little and excused herself from the table.

“Pudding, you ate so little. What’s wrong? You’ve got a poor appetite?” Mrs. Su asked.


“You don’t like the dishes?”

“No. I’m just not hungry. Grandma Su, please go on with your supper. I want to go upstairs and rest for a while.”

“Sis, your favorite financial program will be on soon.” Little Bean checked her watch and reminded her sister.

“I’m a bit sleepy and won’t watch it. I’m going to bed.”

“Um… Okay.” Little Bean didn’t know why her sister acted like this and didn’t dare to ask.

After Pudding went upstairs, Mrs. Su asked Little Bean worriedly, “What’s wrong with Pudding? Did you two fight?”

“No. I haven’t messed with her for two days…” Little Bean looked helpless.

“I think Pudding is feeling a bit low.”

“Ignore her. My sister is just as sensitive as my dad. She doesn’t like to talk about things on her mind. Maybe she is in a cold war with Wei Yunchu. Who knows?”

Oblivious of the truth, Little Bean thought her parents were fine and thus was still living in her happy childhood.

– In the bedroom on the second floor –

To welcome the twins, Mrs. Su had specially ordered a new set of sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases from Luxury Home.

They were all pink; with newly bought dolls and candies, this room looked like a princess’s bedroom.

It happened to be the bedroom in which Huo Mian had stayed when she was pregnant last time.

The Su Family had kept the room empty and never let other people live in it because Su Yu would occasionally come up here to see the room and savor the memories when Huo Mian had lived with the Su Family for one year.

Now they let the two kids stay in the room during their visit.

Pudding went upstairs and walked slowly to the head of the bed.

Looking lost, she sat on the big pink bed.

Then she took out her cellphone and pulled out a photo of her family.

This photo was taken not long ago. On that day, her Mom said the beautiful tulips in the backyard of South Hill Manor had bloomed; she pulled the twins and their reserved Dad outside and took many pictures in the back garden. This family photo was the best of the pictures.

In the picture, Qin Chu and Huo Mian squatted with Little Bean leaning in Qin Chu’s arms and holding his neck with her chubby arms.

Pudding was cheek to cheek with her Mom, looking very intimate. The four of them smiled at the camera with happiness from the bottom of their hearts.

“Mom… Dad… You’ll come back, right?” Pudding asked in her childish voice.

Meanwhile, Su Yu raced to the site of the rescue team in his black Lamborghini.

“I’m here to identify the body,” Su Yu said coldly.

“Mr. Su, please come this way…” One rescue member ushered Su Yu toward a female corpse covered by a white sheet.



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