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(The Killer Maniac Lu Yan (1)

“Don’t tell Little Bean,” she said.

Su Yu fell silent but the pain in his heart was even sharper as if something was tearing at it.

“Handsome Su, don’t tell my sister; she’ll die of grief.”

“I know.”

“Okay. Then I’ll go and have dinner.”

That said, Pudding’s little figure walked downstairs before he could say anything.

At this moment, Su Yu’s phone rang.

“Su Yu.” It was Tang Chuan’s voice.

“What’s it?”

“Um… I’ll tell you something, but you must promise me that you’ll not get emotional. Can you hold yourself?” Tang Chuan said mysteriously.

“Come on, tell me.” Su Yu was impatient.

“We just got the news that the rescue team pulled up a female body from that sea area, but…”

“But what?” Su Yu felt suffocated as if his heart was about to stop beating.

The words “female body” were the cruelest torture to Su Yu; he had never imagined such horrible words would be used to describe Huo Mian.

As Tang Chuan paused at the important part, Su Yu almost went crazy in anxiety.

“But the body had been damaged by the rocks and corals under the sea, and we can’t recognize if she’s Huo Mian or not. So, they asked me to call you and ask you to identify if the body is Huo Mian or not.” Tang Yu’s voice went smaller as he spoke since he was afraid Su Yu would go mad.

“Okay.” After a long time, Su Yu finally managed to utter this word.

“I’ll wait for you there. See you later.” Tang Chuan was about to hang up when he heard Su Yu asked, “Wait a second; I have something to ask you. Tang Chuan, you are a big mouth. I forgot to instruct you and you made trouble for me.”

“What do you mean?” Tang Chuan was puzzled.

“Why did you tell Pudding what had happened? She’s just a kid; how can she take such a huge blow?” Su Yu was furious.

“Fu*k! I didn’t! Damn you! Don’t put this sh*t on me.” Tang Chuan was also angry.

“You didn’t tell her?”

“She didn’t even call me.”

“How about Qin Ning?”

“Ning-Ning has been with me all the time; she hasn’t talked to Pudding too.” Tang Chuan was puzzled.

Su Yu fell silent.

“What? Pudding knows about it now?” Tang Chuan asked.

“I’ll talk to you later.”

Su Yu ended the call as understanding dawned on him.

Pudding probably hadn’t called Gao Ran or Qin Ning at all; she just saw something wrong in Su Yu and pretended that she had made these calls just to make Su Yu tell her the truth.

Like a moron, Su Yu had told her everything.

To confirm his suspicion, he called Gao Ran’s cellphone.

As he had expected, Gao Ran said he hadn’t received Pudding’s call.

“The kid Pudding is extremely smart.” Su Yu sighed slightly.

But her reaction to the news wasn’t very big since she could still go downstairs to have supper.

Just like him, she didn’t believe Huo Mian was dead, which was why she didn’t fall apart and cry.

Su Yu went downstairs and saw the twins were eating quietly.

Pudding even picked up food and placed it on her younger sister’s plate as if she had grown up overnight, becoming more mature and considerate.

“Mom, I’ve got to go out for a second.”

“Again? You haven’t had supper yet.” Mrs. Su was not happy.

“Something urgent happened in the company and I’ve got to go and handle it now. Please have supper with the kids and then get them to bed.”

“Handsome Su…” Pudding turned her head and looked at Su Yu.


“Will you come back and stay the night here?” Pudding looked at Su Yu longingly.



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