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(Doctor Huo is so Domineering (6)

“Hehe. I need you to do me a favor.” Lu Yan continued her ingratiating smile.


“Fu*k! You refused me before I told you what I wanted. How can you do this to me?” Lu Yan was angry.

“Save your breath. I can see from your ingratiating expression that you’re up to no good.” Qiao Fei continued to play the game on the tablet.

“How can you say that? I only want you to do me a small favor.”

“Do you want me to do it? Get naked, take a shower, and lie on the bed; I’ll satisfy you after playing this round.”

“Fu*k! Damn you! Psycho Qiao, you’re shameless!” Lu Yan almost exploded in fury.

Qiao Fei spoke little and was low-keyed, but what he said was always classic.

Lu Yan almost passed out in fury.

“Ahem…” One of her subordinates coughed at the door.

“What are you doing standing at the door? Do you think you are a door-god?”

“I was wondering if I should wait until you finish your business or report the newly received information right now.”

“My business?” Lu Yan was puzzled at the man’s unusual behavior.

“Ahem… Boss, you and Young Master Qiao are…busy. Well… I’ll come back later. Is 20 minutes enough for you?”

Then, he turned to run…

“Damn it. Come back!” Lu Yan picked up a trashcan and threw it out.

Luckily, the man dodged it, otherwise, his head would have been broken.

Having worked for Lu Yan for a long time, he was used to her violent behavior.

When the leaders of other mercenary legions mentioned Lu Yan, they didn’t call her by the codename Second Miss, but rather Violent Lolita.

Lu Yan was young with an exquisite little girl’s face, but her temper was violent and would smash and kill at the slightest provocation; she could also make and detonate all kinds of bombs.

Even Ian felt a headache when he saw her.

Comparatively, Huo Mian was quieter.

“Hahaha! Boss, it’s fine. We’re all adults and understand you.”

“Damn your understanding. Move your ass back, or I’ll break your legs,” Lu Yan threatened.

Calmly, Qiao Fei continued playing the Parkour game on his tablet without looking up. He seemed used to the violent scenes.

“Please don’t. Boss, I’ll speak now.”

“Speak.” Lu Yan crossed her leg and glared at the man.

“Our spies in Brazil reported that the fellow Pears is swimming in the southern beach with a few young local instagram models and a famous soccer player… Shall we do it now?”


“Huh? Boss, we’ll just let him go?”

“Of course not. I just have a more important thing to do. The plane has changed the route; we’re flying to Australia.”

“Then we can order our men in Brazil to get rid of him. We don’t need to do it ourselves.”

“No.” Lu Yan decided against it immediately.

“Boss, are you afraid those guys will fail and alert Pears?”

“No. I want to kill Pears with my own hands and kick his head around like a soccer ball.” Lu Yan got angry when she thought about Pears.

“Um… Okay. Boss, we’ll do as you ordered.”

“Tell the spies in Brazil to keep an eye on him. The bastard probably won’t leave Brazil any time soon. After I get my sister out, I’ll go and kill him.”

“Okay. Boss, I’ll do it now.”

The man left immediately, not daring to waste Lu Yan’s time.

After he was gone, Lu Yan looked back with a fake smile and said, “Young Master Qiao, would you do me a small favor?”



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