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(At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead (6)

“It’s not necessary. I don’t want to draw attention. I can leave by myself.”


The professor checked his watch. “I had them book a plane that leaves in three hours. It seems I’ve got to go in a little while.”

“So soon?”

“I’ve stayed long enough. It’s the longest time I’ve been out.” The professor chuckled.

“Yes. I understand.” Rick nodded.

“Hey, old guy, you can’t leave yet… Qin Chu hasn’t woken up yet,” Su Yu interrupted.

“Fellow, you want me to stay here for the rest of my life? If I don’t return to my work, will you pay me the commission?” The professor looked at Su Yu smilingly.

To tell the truth, he liked this rash young man and knew that he loved Mian very much.

He knew Su Yu was very good to Mian and her children.

“Commission? It’s easy if it’s a problem of money. Name your price. What do you want me to pay in, cash or check?” Su Yu was smug.

In his eyes, problems that could be solved with money weren’t problems.

So, when he heard the old guy mention money, he was cheerful.

“Fellow, save your pennies. Don’t show off.”

“Old guy, you underestimate me. My Imperial Star is, after all, a publically-traded company; even though it isn’t in the top rank in the country, it has lots of superstars. The lowest estimate of its market value is over 10 billion yuan. You called it pennies; are you demented?”

“Hahaha…” The professor laughed since he thought Su Yu’s way of speaking quite adorable.

“I can’t have this nonsense with you now. I’ve got to take a shower, change my clothes, and say goodbye to the twins. It’s time for me to leave.”

“Sir, how about M…” Rick wanted to ask if he would help them find Mian.

But before he could finish, the professor understood him.

The professor said, “Yan will handle it. She doesn’t need my help.”

“Okay. When Qin Chu wakes up, I’ll tell him,” Rick said.

The professor followed the staff of the hospital to take a shower and change his clothes.

Su Yu pulled Rick to one side.

“What do you want?”

“That old guy is very rich?”

“Yeah. Very rich.” Rick nodded.

“You aren’t lying to me, right?” Obviously, Su Yu didn’t believe him.

“Do you think I need to lie to you?”

“Um… What does he do then? If he’s so rich, how come I’ve never seen him on TV or the newspaper?” Su Yu thought if the old man was a well-known Chinese magnate living overseas, he should have seen him before.

“That’s because he wants to remain… low-profiled,” Rick explained.

“He’s indeed low-profiled then…”

In the ward, Pudding and Little Bean stood beside Qin Chu’s bed.

Having finished the surgery a moment ago, he was still wearing the oxygen mask, looking pale and weak.

“Daddy, Grandpa said you’ll wake up soon. Then you can eat the cake I made for you,” Little Bean said, holding the cake in her hands.

“Daddy… You must get well fast. Mom is waiting for you to find her.”

“Sis, when we find Mom, we must kill that big bad guy.” Little Bean got angry whenever she thought of the man who had kidnapped their mom.

“Okay. We’ll ask Daddy to kill him,” Pudding agreed.

After changing into his own clothes, the professor came to say goodbye to the twins.

“Pudding, Little Bean.” He went into the room

“Grandpa, come here quick… Don’t you think my dad’s blood pressure is a bit too high?” Little Bean looked anxious.

“Don’t worry about that… We have medical staff to monitor him.”

“Grandpa, what shall we eat for lunch? No, I should ask what delicious food you plan to cook for us today,” happily, Little Bean took the professor’s hand and asked.



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